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{broken bones + exploded apples}

It's been a wild, full and fun last few days.
I volunteered a few days at our church for a yard sale.
And... I don't think I was the person for the job.
Trying to sell other peoples junk isn't my forte.
Instead of doing the sale a second day, I made the decision to buy the rest of the goodies and then take them directly to goodwill.
It was the right thing to do.

While I was busy yard sale-ing my farmer had a bit of calm before the harvest storm.
He not only watched the boys, but also built me this storage bench for our dining room.

He gets a gold star.
And a couple good game butt slaps.
Now, I just need to paint the bench.
And paint the wall.
And put some decor on the wall.
AND find or build a new table.

We also had two gatherings on the farm over the weekend.
We invited our whole church over for lunch on Saturday.
This entailed me not doing much of anything except for allowing people to bring their food, and eat it on my lawn. 
I also was able to have them pick my garden and take some of our abundance of baby tomatoes and cucumbers.
And there was only one arm broken.
It also had to happen to the sweetest girl that was the biggest help in wrangling all of the wild children.
Party foul.

{picture stolen straight from Karli's blog}
Yesterday I also whipped together a little birthday BBQ for a farmer friend.
My gal Karli blogged a bit about it here though, so you can go and check it out! :)
Spoiler: we invented a new game. Apple ball.
Picture a surplus of apples from our tree, an old wooden bat, and lots of apple juice splatter on our faces.
Apple explosion.
And now broken bones.
I don't think I want to face my yard today though.

 Cheers to a new week!



  1. Oh no!! That poor little girl. I hope the break wasn't bad.

    In other news, I LOVE the bench your farmer made for you. I can't wait to see it painted! What a space saver. And storage?! You can never have enough storage.

  2. those birthday decorations are so cute! sounds like you had quite an eventful weekend.

  3. Love the bench! yay husband! poor baby girl though.......

  4. best birthday party ever. thank you again for making it special for my main man! you're the very best!

  5. Just found your adorable blog and I wanted to say hello! I will be back :)


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