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{beckam - 16 months}

This kid.
My baby.
He is 16 months old today.
He is obsessed with tractors.
He is obsessed with Brody's teepee.
He is obsessed with destroying everything tidy in sight.
 He is funny.
And determined.
 He eats a lot.
{fruit and animal crackers are his absolute favorite}
And talks a lot.
{most everything is incoherent}
And smiles... a lot.
{showing off his little eight chompers}
He may look tall...
but according to the pediatrician, he's in the 25th percentile for height.
{40th in weight and 50th in head size}
That big head size is most certainly full of brains.
He seems pretty super duper smart to me.
I am loving how well he understands and is starting to follow directions.

I am sure proud to be his mommy.


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