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{beckam 15 months}

Oh Beckam.
Fifteen months.
I was looking back at videos and pictures from a year ago, and it seems impossible that you are such a big boy already
You are the cutest little guy!
That smile melts me right unto a puddle.
And your laugh... so contagious. 
Giggles galore.

It's safe to say that you went from not walking to running.
By thirteen months you were unstoppable.
Those little bowed legs can get movin'.
89% of the pictures I get of you are blurry... 
which is why I generally have you sit down during a photo shoot.

I still don't understand most of what you are saying.
You do lots of rambling.
But the most used "word" that you use is 'uh-huh'.

You can comprehend almost everything that is being said to you.
And typically respond with 'uh-huh'.
Let's learn a few more words though, because this hitting business when you get frustrated isn't flying.
You had your first serious time out recently, and you weren't a fan.
Let's stick with being a good listener.

I particularly like having you get your own shoes now. Very handy.
Now we just need to work on you being able to eat a bowl of cereal on your own.
You are so SO messy.
Your hair is daily conditioned with food.
And so is the floor. And table. And highchair.

You are fearless.
This, my son, doesn't set well with me.
I cringe watching you be independent.
The falling... oh, the falling... from the climbing! Oy.
Last night you stood on the seat of your play car and stared me down until I looked at you.
When I finally made eye contact, you smirked and then stepped down.
Time to simmer down those climbing moves buddy.
Your noggin can't stand many more falls. 
Neither can your mommy.

You really look up to your big brother.
Even though, he isn't always the nicest to you.
I really relish the moments that you are playing well together,
even if it is at a very high pitch.
You love sitting next to him on the couch, and practicing somersaults together.
I've never seen a better singing and dancing duo either.
Brody gets a lot of pats from you, and kisses too... sometimes even a bite or two.

Nothing has changed with the fact that you are obsessed with your daddy.
I think you just like to "go" in general.
You are a good pal.
You'd spend all day outside if I let you.
Probably sitting in a mud puddle... because that is usually the very first place that you end up whenever we go out. Back-up and sit.... every time!
Or picking up mud. And throwing it. And then eating it.
You also like standing in the garden picking and eating tomatoes... and then throwing them to the kitties. Good sharing.

You are a mover and a shaker.
And luckily for me, a snuggler.
Every night you cover your head/face with your blanket before I snuggle you for 24 seconds.
Then you are ready for bed.
These 13-14 straight hours of sleep every night are pretty fabulous.
Let's keep that up mmmk?

Favorite food: avocado, chicken sausage, fruit of any kind
Words most used: mama, dada, bubu, uh-huh, bye, tacta {tractor obviously}, papa, and thank you - good golly he says thank you SO much... I guess that's a good thing. :)
Favorite toys: truck & trailer, any musical instrument

You keep me on my toes baby.
But I wouldn't change a thing.
You have such a happy/fun spirit and I love you so much!



  1. He's so cute! Killing me!

  2. He is so adorable! What great pictures and memories of your little guy. You're lucky he is a snuggler, enjoy every moment of him. All the best to you and your family.

  3. He is so sweet! I might have to try out his conditioner idea ;)


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