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{this place is a dump}

My sister in law and her family are here on the farm for the week.
Her two boys, and my two boys are the exact same ages.
They're humorous to watch.
Let's just say there is lots of rough housing....
and kissing... mostly by Beckam. 
Such a love.

Today we are leaving the farm though,
and headed to the mountains.
If we stay on the farm, the hubby works.
Inevitably something ALWAYS comes up.
So... we are leaving.
Forcing him to have fun with us instead.
It didn't take much persuading.
Especially when this is where we get to stay:

This place is a dump, eh?

We will be half a mile from a glorious sandy beached lake.
Super close to a beautiful state park to hike through.
And right near the cutest little mountain town you've ever seen.

It's days like this I'm happy I 'retired' from teaching. :)



  1. The kids are adorable, and the house looks amazing!!

  2. That looks like a wonderful vacation. I hope you have lots of fun!

  3. That picture of them holding hands is priceless! :) Have fun on your getaway! That lodge (cabin?) looks wonderful!!

  4. So jealous, I would love to go hiking, and even better if there is a beach close by.


  5. The pics of the boys are so cute! Have a wonderful vacation! -Jess

  6. It's so fun that your kids and your sister-in-law's kids are the same age! It will really make for fun and cousin friendships in all the years to come! Enjoy vacay in that stunning house!


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