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{this picture...}

This picture...
it captures my boys so perfectly.
Would you like to take a closer look?
Probably not. 
But, just roll with it.

Ok, first - let's look at Brody.
Clearly he adores his little brother.
I mean, you don't smile like that at someone you don't love to pieces.

It also shows how feisty he is...
Hand holding, turned wrist squeezing, turned "I'm going to pinch your fingers off."
Actually, come to think of it, maybe he's not even smiling at Beckam.
He might be going in to bite his ear.

Now Beckam.
Let's start off with the fact that he is the one on the chair...
in which he climbed up on all by himself. 
He's a monkey.
And very proud of it.

Next, that smile.
He is most always happy.
Or indifferent.
But generally happy.

He must be funny.
Brody is cracking up.
I certainly can't understand half of what he is saying,
but perhaps Brody has it down.

And now now both boys.
That glow behind them...
just like little angels.
It's a farce.
At least 52% of the time.
Just watch THIS video from my instagram.
You'll see what I mean.

But seriously...
they are precious.
And they are boys.
Rough, tough, emotional little boys.

Love, love, love them!



  1. Such a sweet picture! This one is frame worthy!

  2. Absolutely adore this picture!!! Definitely a framer!! I so hope you frame it!

  3. Such a cute pictures! The lighting is so much fun!

  4. How sweet are they! I love the bond of brothers!! :)

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