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{oh hey, friday | things i can. not. live without}

Holla holla! 
Friday is here again.
You know what that means... 
free help from the hubs with my wild animal children.
{aren't they handsome - ha!}
Oh hey, Friday link up!

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- - - - - - - - - - - - - 

Today, I am going to be talking about 5 things that I need in my life...

1. Hoes.
Don't we all?
They get a lot of work done...
in my garden, you pervs!
Seriously - I'm real good at growing weeds.
I had grass all up in my veggies.
With a little assistance, and a few hoes, it got cleaned up real nice.
 Allow me to be a bit braggy on my garden here,
with some pictures that very few people will care about.

2. Paper towels.
We ran out of paper towels the other day.
I lasted about 24 hours without, and nearly lost it!
I use them for EVERY thing.
Cleaning up after Beckam.
Cleaning up after Brody.
Cleaning up after my farmer.
This is how I spend my days.
It's a luxurious life.

3. Chocolate.
Actually, I have to force myself TO live without it.
I have problems.
I don't usually have sweets around, so at one point I was just going to the fridge and eating chocolate chips plain.
Oh, and if there is an open container of Nutella?
Consider it gone within a week...
even using a little baby spoon - which I do.
What is wrong with me?
So, no chocolate chips or Nutella allowed in the house.

4. Money. 
Call me or worldly or whatever,
but it's pretty handy stuff.
Especially when it's free.
You are so very fortunate today because it's fairly likely that you'll be winning some coin soon.
Firstly, I am hosting a cash-money giveaway here on Monday, so come back to check it out!
Secondly, I am participating in a giveaway that is live right this second,
with a bunch of other super fab gals.
Check them out and enter to win!
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a Rafflecopter giveaway

5. Hand cuffs.
Kidding, I could most certainly live without them.
But with my other 4, it just seemed fitting.
A little 50 Shades of Grey-esque.

Ooh, and obviously I could not live without my three handsome fellas.
But I figured that was a given.

Have a fabulous weekend homies.



  1. I never thought about it, but I totally agree with you about paper towels. When we moved, we ran out of paper towels and I kept reaching for them....it drove me nuts! It's the little things I tell you :) (and then there are the big things like chocolate hehe)

  2. I ran out of paper towels last week and was totally lost. Mainly because my dishrags/towels are so minimal in number. I had to scoot up the street to get my fix. And that money thing....yeah I'm with ya. Ha! Have a great weekend!

  3. We are in need of paper towels too! We ran out earlier this week and unfortunately I have been to the store twice this week and forgot to get them. However I have been using our cloth towels and just throwing them in a basket when I am done and I have noticed how much I am saving the paper waste but I just don't think I want to go paperless, not right now anyways, so I have to remember to get to get some this weekend. You need to bring your hoe over to my place by the way because I have weeds every where!!!! We can call it a party lol Hope you have a great weekend

  4. I'm very jealous of your garden. Yours looks beautiful! Ours just didn't do very well this year... And I can't have chocolate in the house for the same reason. There's nothing wrong with us - it's with everyone else who doesn't understand, right? Thanks for hosting and have a great weekend! -Jess @ Sweet Little Ones

  5. Paper towels are a MUST have. A serious serious must have!

  6. Laughed this whole post!! Love your list!! And I too could not live without paper towels!! Have a great weekend!!

  7. I'm impressed with your garden! I might need some tips from you next summer when I try to start a little veggie garden of my own for the very first time! Happy Friday :)

  8. yesterday i ordered the biggest size nutella on amazon haha

  9. I also ran out of paper towels this week and you would have thought there was a crisis going on. I use them for everything all day long so I'm anxious to get to the store today to restock my supply. Note to self: never let us get low on paper towels every again :)

  10. I'm a big Nutella fan too!! I can't get enough :)

  11. My garden is still in the pots I planted them and they are BEGGING for me to take care of them. This summer was not for them I suppose! Your garden, oh yours looks AMAZING!

  12. ok so I have a question about pumpkins! I see you have a beautiful one up there in your garden. I have one that is doubling in size daily but my other ones are still super tiny..tiny as in grape size or smaller. The other one that was the size of a plum, seems to be shriveling up, and I'm wondering if it's because its RIGHT next to the one that's doubling in size everyday. Any tips?

  13. LOL my world doesn't exist without paper towels. Think of all that laundry we'd be doing without them.


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