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{oh hey, friday | some solid goals}

Hey hey.
It's that time again.
I have no idea how Friday came so fast, but I'm not complaining. 
My farmer takes his Saturday's off from work, so we get him all to ourselves. It's great.
Speaking of my farmer, did you read the Man Behind the Blog post he did?
I mentioned last Friday that I might do it. And boom.
It happened. It's definitely worth checking out.
He's the best.

And second best, is this here link up Karli and I do.
I am thrilled it has become so successful.
And the entrepreneur that I am, would like it to grow even more.
Don't forget to slap on this button {or link back to us} on your post of any five things, 
to spread the word.
The more people that link up, equal more eyes on your blog too. :)

And now, my five...
Since the year is more than half over, I figured I should get some new year resolutions hammered out.
A few goals, if you will.
In no particular order, here they are:

1. | Get more sleep.  

When I realized the other night that I was consistently going to bed a solid FIVE hours after my boys, 
I knew I had to get to bed earlier. 

Or maybe it is the fact that I pretend not to hear anyone in the morning so I don't have to get out of bed?

Perhaps the insane dreams I have been having should be a sign too...
picture this with me:
-get together with a friend to do a photo shoot
-grab my camera, which just so happens to be a salt grinder
-start turning the salt grinder enthusiastically like I'm taking pictures with it
-"work it. work it. done!" throw the said camera down.

What the?
I can't make this stuff up friends.
I need more sleep.

2. | Workout more. 

This one won't be too hard considering I'm not working out at all.
Perhaps during those five hours after I put the boys to bed, I could get at least a little work out in.
I mean we do walks during the day, but let's face it, these handsome devils don't walk that fast. 

Here is my daily plan:
-100 sit ups 
-some sort of cardio

I'll call that good.
I certainly don't want to set myself up for failure.

3. | Be more organized.

I'm a bit OCD. 
And I doubt you'd think that if you saw my dining table right this moment.
Farm books galore.
And the real kicker?
We have a farm office outside of the home, just so this doesn't happen.

It became easier to do all of the bookwork inside after Beckam was born.
Seeing that he is nearing 15 months old though, this isn't a good excuse.
This is yet another thing I could be doing after the boys go to bed...
in the farm office.

4. | Get Brody a camera.

Not only is he photogenic, but he is a darn good picture taker.

Especially for three years old.
Plus, he takes about 37 pictures in a few seconds.
Not joking.
He's very efficient with his time.

5. | Grow this blog. 
After my July giveaway, I've been a bit obsessive to keep growing my blog.
I mean 7,000 entries in one giveaway... blew. my. mind.
If you'd like to hop on the band wagon, I'd love to have you.
I have a couple more slots open this month if you'd like to join. 
I'll even throw in a promo code for you!
Enter: FRIDAY15 for 15% off any ad space.

Alrighty. Now get your link on!



  1. Good luck on your goals, girl! Have a great weekend!

  2. Working out more is a great goal. I wish I could get more sleep too, my pup always wakes me up before 5am. No bueno!

  3. Good luck with your goals! Your #2 and #3 are at the top of my list too! Have a wonderful weekend! Thanks for hosting! - Jess @ Sweet Little Ones

  4. The struggle of bedtime as a mama. I sometimes am so productive {I generally work after my littles are in bed} but some nights I totally am lazy bones and then kick myself later {like when they wake up earlier than normal} Baby steps! :)

  5. Perfect goals. Let me know how those 100 sit ups a day work out, ha! Love love love that picture of the boys walking together. Ugh. So cute! Happy weekend friend!


  6. I was always taking pictures as a child - & now I'm a photographer - keep that spark alive in him if he loves it :)

  7. New follower and linking up for the first time this week!! Love your blog!! I also love that your 3 yr old needs a camera!! Soo cute!! I need to get cracking on operation lose baby weight!! Great pic of the boys!! Have a great weekend!!

    Feel free to pop by and say hello sometime!!

  8. Good luck on your goals! You have some killer arms so I have no doubt you can reach whatever you set your mind to.

  9. I laughed out loud at your dream! I can't believe you can remember it so clearly...I rarely remember anything about my dreams, let along details! Oh...and nice work by the 3-year-old photog! He's got talent...are you paying him?!!? Have a fabulous weekend.

  10. I'm with you on the "get more sleep." Sleep deprivation is negating my workout and healthy eating habits...good luck!

  11. My 3 year old is ridiculously good at taking pictures too! Color me impressed!

    Thanks for hosting this link up :) have a great Friday!

  12. Hi I am brand new to the link up and excited to be a new follower of yours. Thanks for hosting and look forward to reading! From one former teacher to another. :) :)

  13. Good luck on all of your goals, you can do this! I'm planning on catching up on my blog reading this weekend so I can't wait to read your farmer interview, have a great weekend!

  14. Woot! Thanks for the discount code! Just purchased an add space!! :)


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