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{oh hey friday | looking back}

First things first.
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Ok, now onto my "oh hey, friday!"

I was recently looking back at some of my old blog posts.
There are certainly some goodies that need to be re-introduced to my newer followers.
These bad boys don't need to just be tucked in my archives.
In fact, you should probably pin them for the rest of the world to see too.
Have at it...

1.| Brody's rustic and modern big boy room.
I love decorating.
There is something about putting pieces together to form a totally fabulous room, that makes my heart happy.
You can see the room tour pics here.

While we are on room re-do's... I think Beckam's nursery needs a shout out too.
Check out the rest here.

2. | Anyone a fan of birth stories?
All the nitty gritty dets from Beckam's birth are published here.
There is nothing quite like that first moment you lay eyes on YOUR baby.

3. | Did you know that one time I got stopped in the airport security line and questioned by the police because they found a bullet in my bag?
The post is titled, "a bullet, an obese lady & some poop."
It is certainly worth a read.
The entire post can be found here.

4. | Another fun fact?
I had an appendectomy while I was pregnant with Brody.
Talk about freaky!
Especially for someone who was already paranoid about anything/everything that could possibly harm my unborn child.
Scalpels and morphine didn't seem ok...
especially when soft cheeses and deli meats were nixed from my life.
Read the whole story here.

5. | For my 28th b-day my farmer rented out a helicopter to fly us around for a bit.
It was all a surprise, and I felt like I was on the bachelor.
Or not.
Read more about it here.
And enjoy the pics of Brody as a teeny guy.
Beckam is now the exact same age as Brody in these pics.... not like you care. Ha.

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  1. I love photographing births capturing those moments where moms see their babies for the first time #priceless
    That room is adorable!

  2. Love the kids' rooms! Great job! I started following you this summer, so thanks for posting some old stories to get to know you better! Thanks for hosting and have a wonderful weekend! -Jess @ Sweet Little Ones

  3. Your sons rooms are adorable!!! Thank you for hosting and have a great Labor Day weekend!

  4. Stopping over from the linkup. I love your boys rooms! We are in the home-building process and it seems like I am having trouble with every little design decision. Do you have any photos of your main rooms? I am always looking for inspiration : )

  5. Love this post! I was recently thinking that I needed to reuse (and update) some of my older posts that I thought were good ones! This is such a great way to do that! Thanks for sharing! Happy Friday!

  6. Love your design style! Definitely pinning ideas for my sons big boy room down the road. And how scary about surgery while pregnant. Glad it all turned out ok!

    The Joni Journey

  7. Those rooms are too cute, you did such a great job! And I'm so glad everything turned out ok with your surgery while being pregnant, I can't image how scared you were! Can't wait to go back and read these posts since I'm a newer follower. Have a great weekend!

  8. Stopped by from your post at The Daily Tay! Those rooms are adorable!


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