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{oh hey, friday | i need a vacation after my vacation}

It's Friday! 

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- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Ok, my turn...
We just got back from a 48 hour vacation to the mountains.
Vacationing with my farmer's family is SUPER fun.
And tiring.
Let me just share a list of things that we accomplished in our short 2 days of vacay:

1. | Jet-skiing.
What's more fun than flying across the top of the water on a 60 degree day while it rains?
Probably lots of things.
But considering we forked over the moola to rent these bad boys,
nothing was stopping us.
Us gals made it back the beach just in time to pack up our goods and throw the kids in the car before a torrential downpour.
I wish I was exaggerating.
The fella's still had an hour left of riding,
in which they proceeded to goof off and fall into the water.

2. | Pickle-ball and walks.
In between rain storms we made the minutes count.
We walked around the neighborhood and splashed in the puddles.
Pure joy out of the children.
Us adults enjoyed it too I guess. :)
After the kids were in bed, Great Grandma stayed home, while the rest of us headed to the tennis courts.
I wish I would've taken some pictures of our pickle-ball night, because it was epic.
Just picture me and my sis in law kicking some serious butt... 
on like 2 out of 15 games.
We are all a bit competitive, and it made for some pretty fun and intense games.

3. | Tandem Biking.
I am addicted.
I had never been before, but seriously, it is so fun.
Three tandems + a couple of baby trailers = sore legs.
We all rode them from our house all the way around the local lake.
That's over 21 miles, friends. 
In a mountain town.
That means hills.
My quads were on fire.
Luckily, at the end, we stopped in town and grabbed some well deserved ice cream/sorbet.

4. | Game Playing.
Don't think for a minute that you get to sit around in the down time.
That means it's time to play some games.
Sometimes even in a speedo.
{you're welcome}
After the babes went to bed, us adults played Peanuts.
{Please tell me someone has played this game before!?}
My hubby admitted to feeling anxiety while playing it.
It's a little high speed.
Picture multiple decks of cards, solitaire, heavy breathing, and hand slapping.

5. | Rafting
After we left our beautiful rental house, we couldn't head back to the farm quite yet.
The road home runs along a river that is great for rafting.
We thought ahead and brought our gear.
The grandparent's watched the babies and we took the three year olds on their first rafting experience.
We had some good white water and some dead calm water.
Brody loved it all.
He would squeal through the rapids and then say, 
"those were wicked awesome!"

Needless to say, I could use a vacation after that vacation.
I'm glad we planned to get home right before a weekend!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
Ok friends, get your link-up on!
Can't wait to read up on what you all are up to.
Have a great weekend.



  1. WOOHOO VACATION TIME!!!! Ain't no time, better than vacation time!

  2. What a fun vacation! I am with you, though, you need another vacation from the first vacation! Love the link up! Thanks for hosting:)


  3. I've always wanted to try tandem bikes because they look like so much fun!! You'll have to tell us more about peanut and pickle ball - they sound like fun!

  4. That looks like an awesome little trip. I love packing a lot of fun into a couple of days. Makes for great memories!

  5. Wow, you guys packed quite an adventure into 48 hours! 21 miles through hills is no joke, but I bet the views were great. Glad you get some downtime this weekend to recover from your vacation :)

    Love this linkup!

    The Joni Journey

  6. That was all in 2 DAYS??!?! So much fun! How old were the boys that rafted with you? My hubby and I love it and can't wait to take our boys but it makes me a little nervous too! Glad you can rest up this weekend!

  7. That all looks like such fun- and exhausting! I don't know how you did over 20 miles WITH baby trailers- I struggle on my 10 mile rides in the mornings sometimes!

  8. Isn't that always the way?!?! Needing a vacation from vacation! LOL...great pictures and lots of fun times! Thanks for sharing...having a great, hopefully relaxing weekend!

  9. I so needed a vacation from my vacation but ended up swamped at work! Looks like you all had a blast and love the tandem biking!


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