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{good news + better news | guest post from shoes to shiraz}

Good news.
Beckam didn't get sick from his chicken poo eating escapade.
Or from his other stunts...
He took a nibble off of a dish washer detergent pod later that day too.
Usually those can be super duper dangerous...
luckily he didn't get much in his mouth + it was a toxic free brand.
This child.
I might need some extra backup.

Better news.
I have a truly awesome gal for you to meet.
Deena from Shoes to Shiraz is the bomb.

One of my absolute favorite posts of hers is THIS one where she gives you a little tour of her family room.
Because, I am obsessed with looking at peoples homes, and how awesome they are.
{In the least creepy way possible.}
Seriously though, I want to move in.

Also, girlfriend's got style.
Check HERE and HERE.

Cool house pics. Cute outfit pics. Count me in.
Seriously adorable kids? Yup.
She is currently doing a series of posts called "What Love Looks Like."
It's great.

My point?
Check her out!
Time for me to shut it, and let her do some introductions now!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Hey everybody! I'm Deena from Shoes to Shiraz and I'm a little bit nervous. Let's just put that out there. Kinda feeling like that first day of high school all over again. Will they like me?  Will I be noticed? It's an excited but scared moment.  Now I'm just being dramatic.  Nerves and unnecessary antics aside, here it goes: my very first guest blog post.

I'm just your regular, plain jane prairie girl who always dreamed of doing big and exciting things.  I always thought the grass would be greener somewhere else.  After I finished University with a major in French, I applied to a variety of places from the Caymen Islands, to Korea to France for a teaching job.
In the end, I stayed close to home....well actually, I stayed right at home, taking up a job teaching at my old high school, living with my parents and having my brother in my classes.
Yup, you read that right.
My very first parent teacher interviews were with my parents.  How often does that happen?
Before I knew it, I met the man of my dreams, was engaged and married and settled in a town just an hour and a half from where I grew up.  Still surrounded by the same green grass, or in our case, the same colourful fields of canola, wheat and flax.

Everytime I travel somewhere, I always get the sense that I come from a land that puzzles people. Saskatchewan?  Where's that?  Why would you live there?  True, there aren't many people in our province, with only just a bit over 1.1 million, which means our largest city only has close to 300,000 people. And yes, we have to drive 6 hours to the nearest Ikea, H&M, or NHL game. So obviously after visiting all these wonderful cities around the U.S and Canada, I do wonder if maybe the grass would be greener on the other side.
But you know what?  I'm happy to call this place home.  Sometimes I take for granted the breathtaking beauty of nature that surrounds me and the endless amount of sky that I can see out of any window in our home.  I like being able to witness the changes of seasons and appreciate the heat, as well as the cold.  It's a simple life but I wouldn't trade it for anything, not even for a closer H&M.

So, that's me.
Well actually, that's just a portion of who I am.
I'm always up to something and i keep track of most of it on my blog.
How about we end this guest post with a little game?
9 truths and a lie.
Now it's up to you to figure out if you know me good enough to guess the lie.

1 - When I'm upset at someone, I have trouble looking at them in the eyes. 
2 - I have never seen a full episode of Seinfeld. Or Ghost for that matter.
3 - When I get ready in the morning I leave getting dressed to the very last. I like my pajamas too much.
4 - I need to clean the kitchen counters before bed.
5 - I go back and correct errors that I missed on my blog. It doesn't matter how old the post.
6 - I see the world in videos and music. There is constantly something being produced in my brain.
7 - I have never been to Europe.
8 - I use a thesaurus when writing my posts. I love words. Especially words like bejiggedty.
9 - Despite coming from a football crazed province, I know nothing about the sport and can't be bothered.
10 - I changed my name when I was 13.

There you have it. Let's see who can be a winner.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Fun fun!
Goodness. I hope number 10 is true.
I need to know. Like now.

Please check Deena out:
blog | twitter | instagram | facebook | pinterest



  1. well the lie is either #1 or #4, probably the latter. does mother know best? do we travel to Idaho next?

  2. I'm going with #7 for the lie! Great first guest post Deena - I love learning even more about you. Amy - so glad to have found your blog! Your little boy is adorable!

  3. Hmmm...I would guess number 10 is the lie! Great post, Deena!!

  4. Totally LOVED this Deena!!! I couldn't tell ya which one was the lie but all those facts are awesome!!!!!! LOL Can't wait to find out!!

  5. #7 is the lie. Well, as long as Scotland is part of Europe :-)


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