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{cool cats}

I'm surrounded by cool cats here on the farm. 
As of a couple weeks ago, I would have primarily been referring to my boys.
But now we literally have cats.

And I guess they're pretty cool.
Brody and Beckam think so at least.

There is always an abundance of kitties around a farm community...
and we got suckered in by a neighbor.
These guys are big enough that they'll for sure survive.
{The teeny tiny ones seem to have a harder time, due to owls usually. #farmproblems}

They are also the friendliest little things.
My mini farmers couldn't be more pleased.
Brody has lovingly named them James, Thomas and Emily.

Thomas took a little ride under my hubby's truck the other day. 
He disappeared for about 24 hours.
We assumed he was gone for good,
until we heard some kitty cries coming from a tree at my inlaws {about a half mile from our house} when we were visiting. 
Good ol' Thomas must have recognized us... which resulted in life saved.
First life of nine lost pal.
Let's stay out of the vehicles!

 PS. Wow. So much awesome feedback on the Man Behind the Blog idea I mentioned Friday?
It's happening. 
Any more questions?
Comment or email them to me.
And come back tomorrow to read more about my handsome farmer.



  1. How fun!! My uncle has several "Cool Cats" on his farm, and we love searching the farm when we go visit to see which ones we can find!

  2. I am loving these cool cat pictures.
    We try and pick up as many stray cats as we can to keep all the rats away living on a farm its a must. I think you have the cutest cool cats

  3. They are cool cats! I adore the little orange one!

  4. These tiny sunglasses are the cutest ever!

  5. Ah! There's nothing better than a little man in sunnies!


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