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{brody 3.5}

Saturday was Brody's half birthday.
Not like we celebrated.
Just note worthy.

Three and a half.

So stubborn, yet so sensitive.
Independent and reliant.
Rough plus loving.
We live in a world of antonyms lately. 

He likes to try and push the limits.
And now he's learning that those limits are pretty firm.
Some days my patience is thin. 

Luckily, he has the sweetest heart.
A real zest for life. 
And the silliest sense of humor.

Even on those days that my patience is struggling,
he says or does something that makes me melt.

There is something special about your first born.
Perhaps it is that they are the ones who made you parents.
Or that they taught you how to be a parent.
Either way, unfortunately for them, they are the guinea pig.

It is quite a job to raise a human.
And I certainly don't think I deserve any parenting awards...
but I am confident that Brody is going to rock at life.
I have high hopes of success and fulfilling of dreams in his future.
He has a strong will. 
A loving heart.
And determination like I rarely see.
He is going to be just fine.

Goodness I love this little man.
More than he will probably ever know.



  1. He seems like such a sweet boy! Aren't we all just a bunch of contradictions ;). Happy half birthday!!!

  2. And boys... there is just something about the mother son love. I only have one but it's very different than with my girls. He's adorable:)

  3. I absolutely LOVE your blog! And your pictures. You are a talented photographer.

    Chels @ Red Velvet Rooster

  4. What a sweet post! But I'd have to say that "We live in a world of antonyms lately" was my favorite line. We're living that right now too. ;) -Jess


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