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Today I have a super sweet gal for you to meet, if you haven't already.
Rebekah {or Bex if you will} from Butcher's Niche. 

She is a real doll and writes a super fun life and style blog.

I figured an even better way to get to know someone is by playing the 'Would you rather...?' game. 
Please tell me you've done this!
My family played for multiple days over a Christmas vacation a few years back.
There are games and books with all sorts of wild questions... 
usually they involve licking turds or eating boogers.
I abstained from those.... today.

Ok... here we go:

Would you rather…

Win the lottery or live twice as long?
I don’t wanna live without the hubs (I know, I’m mushy) and even if the lottery is only $100 . . . well that’s a free outfit . . . so I’ll take the lottery.

Have an average human baby or 100 cute puppies?
I have baby fever … so that answers that question

Get a dream vacation for 2 weeks or spend 5 days with anyone in the world, but you must stay in your hometown?
A dream vacation in my imagination (which is wild) includes a few different cities in Europe with the hubs, my sister, my nieces and nephews,  . . . all my favorite people basically . . .  so let’s go with that.

Skip summer or skip winter?
Summer’s where I live (Indiana) are usually fairly delightful and not unusually hot . . . winter’s however are usually the devil. So I’d skip winter . . . my only concern is would that mean I also skipped Christmas?

Jump off a two story roof or take a sandwich tackle from 3 rugby players?
So many questions going through my head . . . Is there water after the jump . . . am I single in this scenario?  . . . I think I’d have to go with jump off a two story roof. It just doesn’t sound very high

$100,000 or $1,000,000 in amazon gift cards?
Since I’m working to get student loans paid off in 2 years $100k sounds awesome . . . but ask me again in 2 years and I’d probably fund my obsession with amazon.

Always be hot or cold?
I am currently always cold and I have learned to adapt so I’ll stick with that. Scarves in the summer aren’t a stupid fashion statement – sometimes they’re necessary.

Discover something great and spread it or discover something evil and prevent it?
good always prevails over evil so I’d discover something great and spread it . . . like a wildfire . . . which is evil.

Bring back 90’s style, music, etc. or stick with the current trends?
The 90’s without question or explanation . . . one direction gots nothin’ on the backstreet boys.

Excellent answers, my friend.
I concur with every one!
And I also love me some Backstreet Boys.
We had some extreme dance parties to their tunes in high school.

Now, go and meet Bex and read her awesome blog.
You'll find some great recipes, DIY's, read about their new house, and learn about her meeting her handsome hubby at an ugly sweater party.
What's not to love!?

Head over and check Bex out here:

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