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{udders in your face}

We just had the most amazing four days with family on the farm.
The hubs' brother and his family came to spend some time here on their move across the country and then on to Hawaii. 
I think my very favorite part was watching all of the cousins together.
People watching is good... but young cousin watching?
Way better.
They fight. They hug. They steal toys. They share.
Bipolar at it's best, really.
But honestly, the very best part... is how much they love each other.
As they were about to drive away yesterday, Brody stepped up on the side of their van, peeked his head in, and told his three cousins, "I really love you guys!"
Melt my heart.
We may just have to go to Hawaii every few months so the cousins can play.

Allow me to share one of the more memorable days...

Collin turned two on Saturday.
Luckily this guy likes tractors, and requested a John Deere party.
Ain't no thing. 
We've got the tractor party planning conquered by now.
And nothing but the best for my nephew.

I threw together this tractor cake for him...
with some additions.
And now that Brody knows I can put trailers on tractor cakes, he's requesting a plow on his 4th birthday tractor cake. Hmmm.

Now, I know what you're thinking.
How can a birthday party get any better when that cake is involved?
Well, it can't.
Especially when you toss a big dollop of ice cream on it.
BUT, this jump house water slide, was sure an added bonus.

Nothing says fun like flying down a massive slide, into freezing cold water, and getting the biggest wedgie of your life.
Us adults may have had more fun on it once the kids took a break.
The entry technique options are endless.
And let's just say I may still be sore.

I was real proud of my two cautious slide boys though.

We couldn't finish off this party without a piñata! 
And these two cute cousins were pretty excited.

It was a cow piñata.
Which was all fine...

... until the seemingly still cow moved up into the air while being gently petted.

... or until you get udders slapped in your face.
Either way, it didn't seem like the kids liked it.
Luckily that dirty cow gave out some great candy and toys.
And all was forgiven.

All in all? Super fab and memorable day and long weekend.



  1. The John Deere party is absolute perfection! It looked AMAZING! Great job Mama!

  2. Love that it was a John Deere party! And that water slide superfun fabulousness looks awesome - where on earth did you find something like that??

  3. Wow, great job on the cake and party! It looked like so much fun! What adorable cousin pics and memories you've shared. I know what you mean about watching your kids with their cousins. Most of our family lives close by so our kids are like brothers and sisters. It's going to be awesome watching them grow up together. What a blessing! -Jess


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