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Do you want to know what is worse than returning home from a glorious 4 day vacation?
Coming home to 100+ degree weather and no power inside.
Along with the usual floors to clean, dishes to do, and massive pile of farm books waiting for me.
Welcome home!

More on that glorious vacation later...
but now, I have a special treat for you.
Three beers actually.

And while you won't be able to drink them,
I think that you will still enjoy what Jessica from Being Mrs. Beer has to say in this q&a...

Amy: Alrighty, let's get started Jess. 
I have been known to marathon watch shows before,
any tv shows you could/have marathon watch(ed)?

Jessica: So many!  Real Housewives, preferably of Orange County or Beverly Hills.  I love me some housewives drama - they're just TOO ridiculous sometimes.  Top Chef.  Revenge.  New Girl.  I also recently started watching 30 Rock and am liking that so far too!

Amy: Duly noted. I think I'll have to add a few new shows to my list.
Have you ever broken any bones?

Jessica: Nope!  I have had a few bad sprains though...my left knee twice (one rollerblading and once ice skating...clearly I'm not meant to do those things) and my right ankle once.... falling down stairs.  I totally missed a step and fell... that was not a fun day.  I'm a huge klutz and am always worried I'll hurt something else.

Amy: Ouch. My knee hurts just reading that.
No more falling.
What is your biggest weakness?

Jessica: I'm far too trusting.  I generally give people my trust unless they give me a reason not to.  I also take on way too much - I'm always doing things for people and rarely take time for myself.  I need to work on that one.

Amy: Girlfriend, time for a pedi.
Trust me. You have to. It's your weakness. :)

What's your favorite extra curricular activity?

Jessica: Blogging, naturally.  No, I'm kidding.  I'm not sure I could really ever pick a favorite.  I've been really into reading lately, so let's go with that.  I started really reading for pleasure again while I was on maternity leave (What else are you going to do while nursing at 3am?  There's nothing good on TV!) and I'm so glad I found it again.  I was a huge reader as a kid!

Amy: Get it girl. 
I'm impressed with your motivation.
I usually tried to take a power nap while nursing at 3 am.

Most embarrassing story. Go. 

Jessica: I can never remember these...I'm pretty sure I just block them out once they're over!

Amy: Ditto. No need to remember that nonsense. 
Unless of course you can share it on a blog to get re-embaraased. :)

If you could buy one thing for your home what would it be?

Jessica: Ummm, the house?  We're currently in the process of house-hunting, so the actual house is the only thing on my mind lately.  Talk about a stressful process!

Amy: It'll happen. It's bound to happen soon.
Happy hunting!

Snack of choice. 

Jessica: If I'm being good, I love yogurt with berries, sugar snap peas, or a honeycrisp apple with peanut butter (seriously, honeycrisp are the best apples ever).  If I'm not.... well, once a year (around Easter) Target starts stocking these white chocolate M&Ms and has them through the summer....lets just say if I could, I'd probably buy out the whole store.  They're THAT good.

Amy: It's on my shopping list for next April.
Until then, I'll keep eating spoonfuls of Nutella.

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Just don't be creepy.
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