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{oh hey, friday link-up | 5 things I probably shouldn't tell you}

1. Is it inappropriate for me to talk about by boobs on this blog?
Because I'm about to.
In the least sexual way possible.

I want to cut my ta's off.
No more knockers.
Farewell hooters.
Why? You might ask.
They hurt. Real real bad.
I knew that they would, because this same thing happened a few weeks after I weaned Brody off the boob-juice years ago.
And...well, a few weeks ago I weaned Beckam.
I usually get cocky and think I'm a rockstar because of how "easy it was".
And it literally takes weeks before I realize I don't have it that easy after all.
It gets so bad in fact, it makes me think I want a mastectomy for a hot week or two.
And then, out of no where, it's better.
I rejoin the IBTC happily.
I'm still waiting for that "out of no where" moment to occur.
So, in the mean time, no hugs. Or chest bumps.

2. I sweat when I get nervous.
Even if it below freezing outside.
Now... I don't get nervous about much anymore,
but in high school I sure did.
Boys. Presentations. You name it.
Totally awkward.
Tank tops and the color black were my friends.
Unless of course my pit stains got out of control... and then a sweatshirt could cover it up real nice.
I occasionally got sick to my stomach too.
Especially in the boy department.
I used to think there was no way I would ever be able to get married because I'd be too nervous...
and that takes us to number 3

3. On my wedding day, I got so nervous right before the ceremony I had to strip my dress off.
What is wrong with me!?
I felt like I couldn't breathe, and wanted to vomit.
I think some of my bridesmaids were actually taking pictures of me in that moment.
{Girls? I'd love to see those!}

I had already seen Ryan, and we had taken a couple of hours worth of pictures together and with our bridal party, so no idea what came over me.
And I assure you it wasn't cold feet...
this farmer was made for me.
I obviously pulled myself together at the last minute, but geesh!

4. I ate 21 cherries the other day.
Never eat more than 20.

5. When Brody was JUST potty trained I sent a video to some family and friends that may or may not have included some of his fecal matter.
Ok, it did.
He was just really really excited that he had pooped a "d for daddy".
Not only was I impressed he had used the potty...
he also knew what letter it looked like, and what it stood for.
Plus, his little voice was {and is} so cute.
I'd listen to that everyday while looking at letter shaped poo.

Goodness. Can we still be friends?
That was a little awkward.

- - - - - - - - 

Karli and I were thrilled to see how successful "oh hey, friday" was last week.
Thank you all for joining.
If you are new to this link up, let me break it down for you real fast...
Write about ANY five things.
Slap the below button on your post.
Link up your post.
Then you make new friends.
{or maybe not, if you write about what I just did}

Can't wait to read all of your posts!
Have a great weekend.



  1. "d! for daddy!" yup...i saw that video. :)

  2. I so need this laugh this morning...laughing with you of course :)

  3. I love awkward posts :) I get shaky when I get nervous. Its an awful feeling.

  4. These are both awkward and awesome! One of my friends did the same thing except she stripped off ALL HER MAKEUP before the ceremony! She had to redo it in 5 minutes! Crazyyyyy!!

  5. Love love love this post!! My stomach used to get upset when I got nervous! And I wanted to strip off my wedding dress before the ceremony...but some bridesmaids helped me hike it up and put a fan on me! Seriously. :)

  6. This was hilarious! I love how real and honest it was! Glad I'm not the only one who sweats when they get nervous :)

  7. Speaking of eating cherries, I was eating a bunch the other day (possibly more than 20) and my BFF told me never to eat cherries and drink milk because you'll die. After some research we found out president Zachary Taylor died unexpectedly after a cherry and milk combo. #funfacts

  8. When I get nervous my neck and upper chest break it into this red rash thing. It's weird. It used to happen all the time in high school when I was I was in theatre. Always right before I went on stage.

    Thank you so much for letting me know about your link up! So glad I joined in!

  9. Oh my gosh, the boob talk has me dying! I totally remember that feeling! Hang in there...and drink some wine asap!

  10. I'm a sweater too - mostly butt sweat or behind the knees. And let me tell you how sexy it is. Especially at our weekly pregnancy appointments as I get off the table and the freezer paper cover comes with me. TMI? =)

    Tiffany @ craftingafairytale.blogspot.com

  11. I love this!!!! I too am part of the IBTC - pre baby and post BF'ing. Ugh! That time in between though, i was in Boob Heaven!!!

    Thanks for another great link-up!!!

  12. haha, this post was so funny! I love how honest you are.

    Thanks for making me laugh!

  13. Haha great post, we can totally still be friends. I'm with you on all of the above ;) Thanks again for another great link up! xo

  14. You are too funny! I sweat bad too...especially on my booty...haha...I'm so embarrassed at baseball games when I stand up and I'm so worried about people look at me strangely. Thanks for hosting the link up!

  15. I just discovered your blog and you are HILARIOUS!! :) Bookmarking your page to come back! :)


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