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{oh hey, friday | 5 things i'd like for my birthday}

First off, I know you are all wondering how my boobs feel.
Or not. You're probably not.
Let me tell you anyway.
They're feeling much better.
Like waaaay better.
Thanks for not asking.

Secondly, Monday is my big 30th birthday. 
Old hag here.
Kidding. I think your thirties are your prime.
Except I'm entering my "prime" with some pretty intense crows feet wrinkles by my eyes.
My birthday wish list should probably include some exceptional face cream, but it doesn't.
Here are a few things it does contain though:

1. | I'm not sure if you've noticed, but I'm outnumbered in my household.
So many boys.
Our three chickens help me out a little with the overall numbers on the farm, but they stink.
And so can my boys.
Therefore the first item on my birthday wish list... these candles.
I can't live without them.
Well... I probably could, but I don't want to.
They smell so SO good.
And they have a burn life of 50-60 hours.
Count me in.

2. | I told Brody a few days back that my birthday was coming up.
He insisted that he needed to get me something.
When Ryan asked what it was he wanted to get me,
he said, "a blue necklace!"
I don't forsee my farmer having any down time in the next couple days,
so I may just have to buy this necklace for me, from Brody. :)

3. | I'll take it all. Especially the skinny upper arms and legs.
Seriously though, I've got a weakness for Anthropologie.
Give it to me.

4. | What's a wish list without some gloriously expensive requests?
In that case I'll take this computer.
My desktop is about 7 years old...
which might not seem like a lot, but in technology years, that's like 94.
Thank the heavens for external hardrives.

5. | I'm in the midst of redoing my dining room.
It's going to look stellar.
And you know what might help?
This table.
I swoon for Restoration Hardware furniture filling my house.
Until that day though, my farmer and I are going to attempt to build our own.
And save lots of hundreds of dollars in the midst.

And that, my friends, covers it.
Boy wouldn't that be a bang-up birthday!?
Now that gives my farmer a few good ideas. :)

Ok... now it's your turn!
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Have a fabulous weekend friends!
I'll be embracing my twenties.



  1. I'm pretty sure no birthday list should have skin care on it... unless it's a spa day... ;) I'm just saying! I love, love, love, love that necklace though!!!

  2. Happy (early) Birthday! Welcome to the 30 Club....it's treated me well so far! :) If I'm at home, there is ALWAYS a candle burning, but I've never tried Anthro candles...looks like that's gonna have to change soon!

  3. Oh my, I love the conversion for aging technology items. Hilarious and completely correct. Just take cassette tape for example. Most kids now day wouldn't even know what one was!

    The necklace is fabulous to.

    Have a great birthday weekend, 30 is awesome! So much more distinguished than your 20's ;).

  4. Happy early birthday, have fun celebrating! Love that necklace :)

  5. Happy birthday *early* - I'm nearly 3 years into my thirties and they are pretty awesome. Your list is fabulous...I need a new computer too love. Have a terrific weekend!!!

  6. Happy early birthday! I love that RH table! The price? Not so much. I've been looking for dining room tables too and just found this guy who makes them locally and they're pretty damn similar to the RH ones for a fraction of the cost, yes!

  7. Swooning over your wish list!!! And so glad your boobs are better! Ha!

  8. Your wish list is awesome, I hope you get everything on it! And I am really loving that table. Also, glad your boobs are better. I can't imagine what that must be like but one day will... eek! Happy early birthday :)

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. You've got great taste! Loooooove the top.

  11. That table is gorgeous! Happy birthday week!


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