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{link up | oh hey, friday!}

Oh hey.
It's Friday!
 How about a nice little link-up, mmmk?
 I used to join up with a weekly link-up on Friday...
and those gals took a break.
What the?
So Karli and I took it upon ourselves to fill the void.
You're welcome.

It's such a fun way to meet new bloggers.
And it's super duper easy.
All you need to do is write about five things.
ANY five things you please.
Slap this little button on your post, link-up below and boom. Done.
Join in on the fun!!

1. Who's watching the Bachelorette this season?
I most certainly am.
And every single week, I wonder why.
Until this last week.
That farmer Chris...
I obviously have a special spot in my heart for farmers.
Especially when they're dreamy.

Let me just tell you all... that date he took her on? 
It hit close to home.
As in, I've been there, done that.
They don't make that stuff up.
It was basically like I was sitting there with my {now} hubby having the exact conversations.
Minus the airplane banner.

He sure seems like a nice guy... perhaps the next bachelor!?
I bet they could sneak in filming after the corn is combined.

2. Beckam got his knee stuck in between the slats of the crib this week.
I literally stood there gently trying to push, pull, tug, etc. for a solid few minutes.
It wasn't budging.
As he started to cry harder, I was nearly ready to grab a saw of sorts and ruin a $700 crib. 
Crying-in-pain babies do weird things to their mothers.
Then suddenly, it came out. 
And that crib was almost destroyed. Close call.
I think I need a significant dose of patience.

3. Anyone familiar with pickle ball?
Yea. Me neither.
But we just got some paddles and balls.
I guess it's time to learn the ropes so I can bust out some good ol' fashioned trash talk.
My farmer convinced our bankers to play the other day when they came for a farm tour.
If they can play in 100 degree weather in long sleeves and boots,
I think I can handle.
Time to whack some balls.

4. Our garden is finally starting to produce real food and not just weeds.
The peas are the current fave.
And we've got some cucumbers and tomatoes almost ready to pick too.
Summa' summa' time!!

5. How about a little plug...
I'm having a huge ad sale right now. 50% off all ad spaces! 
You, yes you, could get a monthly spot on my sidebar {and join in the giveaway}
for as little as $2.50.
Say what!?
Cheap. That's super cheap.
I'm feeling generous.
So head to my advertise page, or just click here.
Enter code: JULY50.
And we'll be in business.

Can't wait to read everyone's posts. Thanks for joining and have a fabulous weekend!



  1. I definitely think he's going to be the next bachelor!

  2. I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Chris... but don't see him winning.
    I think he needs to be the next bachelor though. He's adorable!!!!

  3. Thanks for the linkup! Poor baby and poor mommy for being so scared, she almost destroyed the crib! I'm sure that's what any mommy would do though!!

  4. Thanks for hosting!! Glad you both are doing it. Happy Friday!

  5. First, thanks for hosting. Secondly, we were late planting this year and like you we're finally getting some veggies...well 2 cucumbers but the peppers and tomatoes are trying! We may or may not get watermelon lol.

  6. Such a fun link up! Thanks for hosting! And your boys are adorable!

  7. I haven't been doing too great following along with the Bachelor but oh my sweet baby Jesus that farmer is a cutie!!! I hope they do make him the next Bachelor, that would be great! Thanks for hosting this link up I sure missed the other one and wasn't real sure what I was going to do about it being gone lol Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  8. I felt the SAME way watching farmer Chris' hometown date- felt EXACTLY like my hometown - and my family (we always played ghost in the graveyard/games every night!!) AND that almost made my oh hey. friday- crazy- and love it!! Happy Friday, Amy!

  9. So excited to join a new linkup, thanks for hosting!

  10. Chris the Farmer is just a dreamboat. Every week I yell at Andi for not realizing what a catch he is, but also hope she never gets it so he can just run away and be in love with me.

  11. As soon as I saw your blog and Karli's, I thought of Farmer Chris :-p If I weren't married, I totally apply to be on the next season if Chris was the bachelor. Thanks for doing the link up!

  12. Pickle ball, what?! I have never heard of this...I think you need to do a breakdown post :)
    Thanks for hosting the friday linkup! Love it!

  13. Oh man. Fresh peas off of the farm? I die. Our little wonky garden is growing but hasn't produced anything quite yet. We had such a late start this year because it wouldn't stop dropping below freezing at night.

  14. I am loving this link up! Thanks for reaching out and letting me know.
    Also loving your blog!

  15. I had to play pickle ball in high school gym class back in the day! I don't remember anything about it though (I think I blocked out everything associated with gym class though ;) Have fun playing! Thanks for inviting us to the link-up! -Jess

  16. Thank you for a great link-up! I loved discovering your blog through Karli's blog. Have a good weekend!

  17. Thanks for the link-up! I had the same thing happen with my son and I freaked out. Thankfully his dad was able to get the bars apart enough to get his knee out.

  18. mama I feel you on needing patience these days! hand in there and get a glass of wine once those kiddos are in bed!!!

  19. Hi!! I see that you still use, blogspot.com I was curious, how in the world do you make your blog individual and cute!!! I need to do this to my blog... get a template I guess... I don't know where to start! my blog... http://courtsnotes.blogspot.com

  20. Love, love, love farmer Chris! He definitely has my vote for next Bachelor :)


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