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{let's work together}

Well well well. 
Guess who's jumping back in to the advertising portion of blogging?!
I certainly wouldn't waste my time telling you about someone else doing this.

It's also been awhile since I've posted a narcissistic picture of myself.
So there you have it.
You're welcome.

Now, some reasons why you should advertise here...
1. Most importantly, I'm cheap. In the classiest way possible.
2. I've got some loyal fans. Over 2,200 across the boards actually.
3. I'm genuinely interested in helping you grow your blog. For reals.

I've got lots of advertising options to choose from... go ahead and click here
choose your spot of choice,
and enter code JULY50 for 50% off any ad space.

Excited to start working with you!


1 comment:

  1. I JUST saw that you used the same title I did when announcing… so crazy :) Love it!! haha


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