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They say a bond between a mother and her sons is special.
It's true.
Unless it's not documented.
In which case no body but yourself is aware of this.
What's a girl gotta do to get some heart wrenchingly adorable pics of her boys lovin' on her?

This is what I get....

Let's analyze this picture shall we? 
1. I'm clearly showing all of my attention to my precious babe.
2. In return, I'm getting zero affection.
3. All of Beckam's attention is going straight towards our dog Gunner.
4. Gunner looks as though he's screaming... out of dislike I'm assuming.
Not as cute, as it is humorous.

Now... it is also true, that sons have strong bonds with their daddy's.
And this I have proof of!
Heart wrenchingly adorable? 

Not only is farmer smoking hot.
he also happens to be the best daddy!!



  1. Cute! I love kids and their dogs! And kids and their dads; I especially love watching my daughter with hubby! so cute!
    Alycia//Crazily Normal

  2. Ahhh - baby affection to anyone or anything is precious :)

  3. That's because the mom is always the one behind the camera! ;) But we a know how much a boy loves his mama :) -Jess


  4. This is adorable 😊



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