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{would you rather... | sponsor post}

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Today I have a super sweet gal for you to meet, if you haven't already.
Rebekah {or Bex if you will} from Butcher's Niche. 

She is a real doll and writes a super fun life and style blog.

I figured an even better way to get to know someone is by playing the 'Would you rather...?' game. 
Please tell me you've done this!
My family played for multiple days over a Christmas vacation a few years back.
There are games and books with all sorts of wild questions... 
usually they involve licking turds or eating boogers.
I abstained from those.... today.

Ok... here we go:

Would you rather…

Win the lottery or live twice as long?
I don’t wanna live without the hubs (I know, I’m mushy) and even if the lottery is only $100 . . . well that’s a free outfit . . . so I’ll take the lottery.

Have an average human baby or 100 cute puppies?
I have baby fever … so that answers that question

Get a dream vacation for 2 weeks or spend 5 days with anyone in the world, but you must stay in your hometown?
A dream vacation in my imagination (which is wild) includes a few different cities in Europe with the hubs, my sister, my nieces and nephews,  . . . all my favorite people basically . . .  so let’s go with that.

Skip summer or skip winter?
Summer’s where I live (Indiana) are usually fairly delightful and not unusually hot . . . winter’s however are usually the devil. So I’d skip winter . . . my only concern is would that mean I also skipped Christmas?

Jump off a two story roof or take a sandwich tackle from 3 rugby players?
So many questions going through my head . . . Is there water after the jump . . . am I single in this scenario?  . . . I think I’d have to go with jump off a two story roof. It just doesn’t sound very high

$100,000 or $1,000,000 in amazon gift cards?
Since I’m working to get student loans paid off in 2 years $100k sounds awesome . . . but ask me again in 2 years and I’d probably fund my obsession with amazon.

Always be hot or cold?
I am currently always cold and I have learned to adapt so I’ll stick with that. Scarves in the summer aren’t a stupid fashion statement – sometimes they’re necessary.

Discover something great and spread it or discover something evil and prevent it?
good always prevails over evil so I’d discover something great and spread it . . . like a wildfire . . . which is evil.

Bring back 90’s style, music, etc. or stick with the current trends?
The 90’s without question or explanation . . . one direction gots nothin’ on the backstreet boys.

Excellent answers, my friend.
I concur with every one!
And I also love me some Backstreet Boys.
We had some extreme dance parties to their tunes in high school.

Now, go and meet Bex and read her awesome blog.
You'll find some great recipes, DIY's, read about their new house, and learn about her meeting her handsome hubby at an ugly sweater party.
What's not to love!?

Head over and check Bex out here:

blog || twitter || facebook || pinterest || instagram



{quite a birthday | i even got my butt massaged}

Allow me to make you all a tad bit jealous with a quick run down of my 30th birthday activities provided by my dear sweet thoughtful farmer...

First thing in the morning I dropped my car off to get it's oil changed. 
Are you envious yet?
It gets better. Promise.

Next, one of my fave gals picked me up and we headed to the big city.
Our first stop was to get some pedicures.
Let's just say I was overdue for one.
They had to bust out the cheese grater on my heels.
They're disgusting.

Next, we grabbed some lunch at a delish place called 10 Barrel.
We hustled out of there though to get some Anthropologie shopping done.

I got a few goodies... in fact the entire outfit that I am wearing in every single one of the pictures in this post.
{I took exactly zero pictures. Oops. Had to snatch these all from Karli.}

After spending some dolla's we meandered around downtown Boise and found a cupcake to eat and then a cold beverage.
It was like 120 degrees. Or more like 95. 
But I was sweating either way.

Now, I would've been stoked if this was the end of my day.
But it gets better.

We headed to an Aveda salon where some serious pampering was about to take place.
Massage first.
By a man named Carlos.
Sounds sketchy.
But it wasn't.
Just awkward.
Especially when he massaged my butt.
He's a professional though friends. 
And I nearly fell asleep.
Relaxation nation.

Moving on.
Next, facial.
Glorious, glorious facial.
I felt like a glowed.
I also felt like a walking essential oil after both spa treatments.

Hair cut and color. 
Chopped it off.
Did some caramel color.
Let the gal work her magic!

Now, what are 2 girls to do when you need to get ready for dinner, and you live an hour away?
You go back to Anthropologie, obviously.
We raided a big ol' dressing room and fancied ourselves up.

Then, our hubbies met us and we ate an incredible dinner at a new place called Juniper.
We also got lots of compliments from our farmers.
Those never get old.

I requested a happy birthday song and sombrero from the restaurant...
So we ditched out of there and grabbed some frozen yogurt next-door.

And in typical fashion to a date night I finished off my night riding around with my farmer at 11:00pm while he changed/started up some water on a few crops.

It was the most amazing birthday.
Spent with great company, and spoiled by an awesome hubby.
Total dreamboat, friends.

I think 30 is going to be alright. :)



{$130 | july group giveaway}

Sooo.... today is my 30th birthday.
My farmer is treating me and a friend to an entire day in the big city... getting spa treatments.
He's the best farmer/hubby around.

It's pretty much going to be the best day ever.
And it could be for you too!
YOU could win yourself $130.
That's a lot of dough.

I'm not sure if you saw my wish list,
but $130 could buy quite a few candles.
Or a couple pretty necklaces.
And a super cute outfit.
It might also cover the down payment for an iMac?
Regardless, it's a lot of money.
For free.

SO, go ahead and get entered.
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{oh hey, friday | 5 things i'd like for my birthday}

First off, I know you are all wondering how my boobs feel.
Or not. You're probably not.
Let me tell you anyway.
They're feeling much better.
Like waaaay better.
Thanks for not asking.

Secondly, Monday is my big 30th birthday. 
Old hag here.
Kidding. I think your thirties are your prime.
Except I'm entering my "prime" with some pretty intense crows feet wrinkles by my eyes.
My birthday wish list should probably include some exceptional face cream, but it doesn't.
Here are a few things it does contain though:

1. | I'm not sure if you've noticed, but I'm outnumbered in my household.
So many boys.
Our three chickens help me out a little with the overall numbers on the farm, but they stink.
And so can my boys.
Therefore the first item on my birthday wish list... these candles.
I can't live without them.
Well... I probably could, but I don't want to.
They smell so SO good.
And they have a burn life of 50-60 hours.
Count me in.

2. | I told Brody a few days back that my birthday was coming up.
He insisted that he needed to get me something.
When Ryan asked what it was he wanted to get me,
he said, "a blue necklace!"
I don't forsee my farmer having any down time in the next couple days,
so I may just have to buy this necklace for me, from Brody. :)

3. | I'll take it all. Especially the skinny upper arms and legs.
Seriously though, I've got a weakness for Anthropologie.
Give it to me.

4. | What's a wish list without some gloriously expensive requests?
In that case I'll take this computer.
My desktop is about 7 years old...
which might not seem like a lot, but in technology years, that's like 94.
Thank the heavens for external hardrives.

5. | I'm in the midst of redoing my dining room.
It's going to look stellar.
And you know what might help?
This table.
I swoon for Restoration Hardware furniture filling my house.
Until that day though, my farmer and I are going to attempt to build our own.
And save lots of hundreds of dollars in the midst.

And that, my friends, covers it.
Boy wouldn't that be a bang-up birthday!?
Now that gives my farmer a few good ideas. :)

Ok... now it's your turn!
If you are new to this link up,
allow me to explain how it works:
-write a blog post about ANY five things
-be sure to add the button below to your post OR link back to mine or Karli's blog
{the more readers, the more pageviews YOU will get on your blog.}
-link up your post below
- hop around and meet some fabulous gals

Have a fabulous weekend friends!
I'll be embracing my twenties.



{sponsor post q&a | being mrs.beer}

Do you want to know what is worse than returning home from a glorious 4 day vacation?
Coming home to 100+ degree weather and no power inside.
Along with the usual floors to clean, dishes to do, and massive pile of farm books waiting for me.
Welcome home!

More on that glorious vacation later...
but now, I have a special treat for you.
Three beers actually.

And while you won't be able to drink them,
I think that you will still enjoy what Jessica from Being Mrs. Beer has to say in this q&a...

Amy: Alrighty, let's get started Jess. 
I have been known to marathon watch shows before,
any tv shows you could/have marathon watch(ed)?

Jessica: So many!  Real Housewives, preferably of Orange County or Beverly Hills.  I love me some housewives drama - they're just TOO ridiculous sometimes.  Top Chef.  Revenge.  New Girl.  I also recently started watching 30 Rock and am liking that so far too!

Amy: Duly noted. I think I'll have to add a few new shows to my list.
Have you ever broken any bones?

Jessica: Nope!  I have had a few bad sprains though...my left knee twice (one rollerblading and once ice skating...clearly I'm not meant to do those things) and my right ankle once.... falling down stairs.  I totally missed a step and fell... that was not a fun day.  I'm a huge klutz and am always worried I'll hurt something else.

Amy: Ouch. My knee hurts just reading that.
No more falling.
What is your biggest weakness?

Jessica: I'm far too trusting.  I generally give people my trust unless they give me a reason not to.  I also take on way too much - I'm always doing things for people and rarely take time for myself.  I need to work on that one.

Amy: Girlfriend, time for a pedi.
Trust me. You have to. It's your weakness. :)

What's your favorite extra curricular activity?

Jessica: Blogging, naturally.  No, I'm kidding.  I'm not sure I could really ever pick a favorite.  I've been really into reading lately, so let's go with that.  I started really reading for pleasure again while I was on maternity leave (What else are you going to do while nursing at 3am?  There's nothing good on TV!) and I'm so glad I found it again.  I was a huge reader as a kid!

Amy: Get it girl. 
I'm impressed with your motivation.
I usually tried to take a power nap while nursing at 3 am.

Most embarrassing story. Go. 

Jessica: I can never remember these...I'm pretty sure I just block them out once they're over!

Amy: Ditto. No need to remember that nonsense. 
Unless of course you can share it on a blog to get re-embaraased. :)

If you could buy one thing for your home what would it be?

Jessica: Ummm, the house?  We're currently in the process of house-hunting, so the actual house is the only thing on my mind lately.  Talk about a stressful process!

Amy: It'll happen. It's bound to happen soon.
Happy hunting!

Snack of choice. 

Jessica: If I'm being good, I love yogurt with berries, sugar snap peas, or a honeycrisp apple with peanut butter (seriously, honeycrisp are the best apples ever).  If I'm not.... well, once a year (around Easter) Target starts stocking these white chocolate M&Ms and has them through the summer....lets just say if I could, I'd probably buy out the whole store.  They're THAT good.

Amy: It's on my shopping list for next April.
Until then, I'll keep eating spoonfuls of Nutella.

Go and check her out more.
Stalking is encouraged.
Just don't be creepy.
You can find Jessica here:

OK, now show her some love!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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Also, don't forget to come and link up for Oh hey, Friday tomorrow!



{rodeo + a mechanical bull}

Last Thursday night we went to the big ol' rodeo.
We've gone for the past 6 or 7 years now,
and it's always a good time.

Let's take a walk down memory lane, shall we?

This was Brody two years ago, right before the rodeo.

This was Brody one year ago, right before the rodeo.

And this, my friends, was Brody four days ago, right before the rodeo.

There are a couple of things to talk about here.
1. He's wearing the same shirt and hat in each of these shots.
And it really is the SAME shirt and hat.
Even though I can assure you that I won't be squeezing him into it next year,
the shirt will certainly be making it's appearance at the Snake River Stampede.
On Beckam.
2. When I told Brody the morning before the rodeo that we would be going, and showed him his hat, he asked me why he had to be a cowboy.
I told him that at rodeo's a lot of people are cowboys, and he'd fit in quite nicely.
He seemed to agree, and then said,"Ok. Well.... what do I have to ride?"
Ha. I told him he would be watching and not riding.
I made an exception though.
Did you look at that last picture!! 
My baby is riding a mechanical bull.
He is usually so cautious and a little timid of new things.
But he hopped on that bull like he owned it.
He best not be considering real bull riding as a profession though.
I'll lock him up in his bedroom for life.

OK. Back to memory lane.

This was Beckam last year, before the rodeo.

This was Beckam this year before the rodeo.

It is so amazing to me how much babies change in the first year or two of life!
It's safe to say he enjoyed his time a little bit more this year.

Now... speaking of this year...

Nothing says rodeo like short shorts and cowboy boots, right? Right.
Especially when it's 100+ degrees out.
Notice the black tank top?
I was prepared for sweating.
{you may want to read this post for more info on my sweat issues - or you probably don't}

Now... rodeos are fun.
High energy.
Lots of junk food.
The smell of manure.
BUT, I find myself half covering my eyes for a majority of the night.
Every. Single. Year.
I also find myself asking, "why!?"

Take this for example:

Guy riding bull.
Yes, those are his legs spread eagle.
And you can't see the upper half of his body.

Guy falls from bull.
Bull is angry.

Bull charges guy.
Move FASTER guy!

Whatever the reason, I'll still be back again next year.
Mostly for those hot fresh donuts.



{oh hey, friday link-up | 5 things I probably shouldn't tell you}

1. Is it inappropriate for me to talk about by boobs on this blog?
Because I'm about to.
In the least sexual way possible.

I want to cut my ta's off.
No more knockers.
Farewell hooters.
Why? You might ask.
They hurt. Real real bad.
I knew that they would, because this same thing happened a few weeks after I weaned Brody off the boob-juice years ago.
And...well, a few weeks ago I weaned Beckam.
I usually get cocky and think I'm a rockstar because of how "easy it was".
And it literally takes weeks before I realize I don't have it that easy after all.
It gets so bad in fact, it makes me think I want a mastectomy for a hot week or two.
And then, out of no where, it's better.
I rejoin the IBTC happily.
I'm still waiting for that "out of no where" moment to occur.
So, in the mean time, no hugs. Or chest bumps.

2. I sweat when I get nervous.
Even if it below freezing outside.
Now... I don't get nervous about much anymore,
but in high school I sure did.
Boys. Presentations. You name it.
Totally awkward.
Tank tops and the color black were my friends.
Unless of course my pit stains got out of control... and then a sweatshirt could cover it up real nice.
I occasionally got sick to my stomach too.
Especially in the boy department.
I used to think there was no way I would ever be able to get married because I'd be too nervous...
and that takes us to number 3

3. On my wedding day, I got so nervous right before the ceremony I had to strip my dress off.
What is wrong with me!?
I felt like I couldn't breathe, and wanted to vomit.
I think some of my bridesmaids were actually taking pictures of me in that moment.
{Girls? I'd love to see those!}

I had already seen Ryan, and we had taken a couple of hours worth of pictures together and with our bridal party, so no idea what came over me.
And I assure you it wasn't cold feet...
this farmer was made for me.
I obviously pulled myself together at the last minute, but geesh!

4. I ate 21 cherries the other day.
Never eat more than 20.

5. When Brody was JUST potty trained I sent a video to some family and friends that may or may not have included some of his fecal matter.
Ok, it did.
He was just really really excited that he had pooped a "d for daddy".
Not only was I impressed he had used the potty...
he also knew what letter it looked like, and what it stood for.
Plus, his little voice was {and is} so cute.
I'd listen to that everyday while looking at letter shaped poo.

Goodness. Can we still be friends?
That was a little awkward.

- - - - - - - - 

Karli and I were thrilled to see how successful "oh hey, friday" was last week.
Thank you all for joining.
If you are new to this link up, let me break it down for you real fast...
Write about ANY five things.
Slap the below button on your post.
Link up your post.
Then you make new friends.
{or maybe not, if you write about what I just did}

Can't wait to read all of your posts!
Have a great weekend.



{simply love | a fun q+a}

First things first.
Tomorrow is our "Oh hey, Friday" link up.

I can't thank you all enough for the huge success of last weeks link up.

Come on back tomorrow and join us again!
Write about any five things you'd like.
Add the above button,
and add your link to the link up.
Can't wait to see you there and read your posts!

NOW, I have a treat for y'all today.

I don't want to seem pompous,
but I'm pretty good at spotting budding and successful bloggers.
Luckily I've discovered one and you get to meet her today through a fun q&a.
Nelle from Simply Love is a total doll.
See for yourself...

- - - - - - - - - - -

Amy:  Outside of blogging, how do you spend a majority of your time? 

Nelle: I teach 8th grade language arts and love to read /write (and grade papers) at local coffee shops, practice hot yoga, attend farmer's markets, browse flea markets, plan events for loved ones, grow with God through my faith, listen to live music/enjoy unique food with my husband and with friends, and travel as much as possible - always with my camera in hand {I have a deep passion for photos}
Amy: nothing wrong with that. Sounds like a perfect way to spend any and all of your time!
Next question...
 If you could eat only three things for the rest of your life, what would they be? 

Peanut butter, guacamole, and sushi.
Amy: Yum... perhaps not all together at once though. That'd make an interesting medley! :)

 Girlfriend, you can throw a party! Please tell us all how you go about planning such a fab bash.

Nelle: I absolutely love doing things for other people (a lot) and love to pour my soul into the little details. I have always been an extremely visual person and usually start with an inspiration board. Then I almost always create a folder in etsy of 'favorites' (love the shop owners- so sincere, talented, and willing to help). Next I always create a spreadsheet (google docs are incredible) to organize the process of 'needs to do,' 'in the process of'' and lastly, 'completed.' I try to stay really organized so that it's fun and not stressful. I also try to DIY what I can and then decide what I have/what to purchase for the particular event -- praying that in the end, it all comes together and most of all, that people enjoy themselves :) 
Amy: I'd let you throw a party for me any day of the week!

My hubby is in charge of my thirtieth, and I think he could use your help.

Speaking of my hubs, he's

 pretty unenthusiastic about my excited blog talk. How about yours?

Nelle: I can't lie… surprisingly, he is one of my biggest fans (my dad is also one of my most avid readers- always sending love, appreciation for certain aspects, and encouragement) My husband is very supportive about all of of my crazy, enthusiastic blog talk {… did he just lose his 'man card' ??} I think he just really sees how many people I have been able to connect with, which is my absolute favorite part. I dearly love the relationships I have been able to gain from blogging- so many wonderful people out there!! 
Amy: Well, doesn't he sound like a total dreamboat. Lucky gal.

Speaking of your hubs, explain your typical Saturday night with him. 

Nelle: We live right outside the city of Charlotte, North Carolina and love to explore our eclectic neighborhood- whether it's a picnic in the park, socializing with friends over tapas, enjoying live music, food trucks, or a movie at home … it varies, but we love to be out and about walking our neighborhood and enjoying our city. 
Amy: get it girl. 
You guys are just too cute!

If you could shop for your clothes in only one store, which would it be?

Nelle: Oh - Anthropologie - swoon - forever. 
… I find myself just walking around often and embracing the unique beauty (usually in the sale room) but it's true love. 

Amy: I'll meet you there gal. 
We can shop for the rest of our lives. Deal?
We may be broke, but we'd look super cute.

What is your single happiest day of your life thus far?

Nelle: Without a doubt, our wedding day, which took place on June 29, 2013 in uptown Charlotte. 
Marrying the man I have always dreamed of .. he's the first thing I think of in the morning and my perfect dream at night. My uncle is a priest and he was able to marry us in our beautiful church, which was so special. In addition  I spent countless hours planning our special day and seeing it all come together- surrounded by our friends and family- was the single best day of my life so far.  

We ended the evening dancing to the Avett Brothers' song --"You Swept Me Away,"  as our family members and friends came in and hugged us… followed by a sparkler exit and surprise 1960's white rolls royce with 'Monaco' on the license plate to ride away in... (a gift [just for the night] from my parents) -- it was a truly magical day.  A day that I am so very grateful and thankful for… 
Amy: Wish I had gotten invited! I'd eat that cake.
- - - - - - - - - - - 

I'm pretty sure she's my soul sister.
And if Idaho and North Carolina weren't on opposite ends of the country,
we'd be besties.

At least we can be virtual pals.
And lucky for you, you can be her friend too!
I'd recommend it.

You can find Nelle here:

Go ahead and follow her!

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