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{things i never thought i'd say}

This parenting biz is interesting stuff.
I frequently find myself saying things that I never thought I would.
Like, EVER.
Today I'm sharing just a few of these gems with you.
Don't judge. :)

"Brody, please don't vacuum your brother's face."

"Beckam, we don't put our hands IN the toilet!"

"Brody, I don't think that our guests want to see your peepee."

"Beckam, don't touch the kitties butt-hole!"

"Wow Brody. Yea, that sure is a big poo-poo! No, I don't think anyone else wants to see it."

"Beckam, please don't eat the sidewalk chalk!"

Oh, I love these boys.

I'd love to hear some of the things that have come out of your mouth that you never thought would.
Share away!

In other news, satellite internet will be the death of me.
Sound dramatic?
Try it. It'll be your demise also.
It goes so slow and leisurely - it's in no hurry at all...
just like my farmer hubby when I tell him that we are getting a parking ticket in Boise and he should run and tell the officer {are they really considered officers? he was on a bicycle.} that we are right there. He started walking slower. And then told me that we had parked there too long so we should get a ticket.
No. I'm sorry. But no.
Anyways. That's a whole other story.
 Internet. Sucks bad.
End of rant.

Have a happy Monday homies.



  1. These are so funny and relatable. One we are going to look back at these and be glad we have these sweet funny memories.
    Parking ticket..thats not ok!

  2. We totally have to tell Annika not to put her hands in the toilet too lol. One of the popular ones here is "Bella is not a horse, she is dog, stop trying to ride her" and "your sister is not a pillow". And not cool about the parking ticket, I would have walked faster to try to get out of it.

  3. Just today while Jack was in the bath I was sitting in the bathroom keeping an eye on him while he was playing. Of course, he was playing with his favorite toy (his peepee). I told Jeremy I feel really odd just sitting here while my child plays with himself. Why are boys so infatuated with their little boy business? He is only 19 months old and already it starts!


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