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{first steps}

Yesterday was a big day for my baby.
He took his very first steps!

We had flooded the yard to water the grass,
and in turn it transformed the yard into a giant splash pad.
Brody was loving it!

Beckam mostly watched at first and giggled as Brody ran by splashing water all over him.
He held onto my hand and would follow the same path that Brody had created.
Being the obsessive picture taker that I am...
I pulled out the trusty iPhone to snap a picture of Beckam standing on his own in the water...
with Brody running all around him.
And THEN... he just started walking towards me!
Like he'd done it a dozen times before.

It was one of those moments where I had to do a double take.
And didn't really think it was happening. 
It seems impossible that he is old enough to really be walking.

I then proceeded to take about 27 five second long videos trying to get him to do it again.
To no avail. 
In EVERY one, he dropped to the ground and usually did his signature bear crawl.

I'm quite fine with him waiting a while longer.
I'm not looking forward to the unstableness,
and head injuries.


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