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{5 | farm happenings}

1. My 12 month old peed in the potty one and half times this week. 
I certainly wasn't even entertaining the idea of potty training him,
since he can't walk or talk well yet...
but as he crawled {naked} to his bath the other night he stood up and started to pee on the toilet.
I lifted the lid - mid stream - so that counts for a half.

The other time, he crawled in again, and stood up. 
I pulled off the diaper, and voila! 
I was shocked.

 I'm sure it's all a fluke.
It's gotta be... right?
Today, I found him playing the the toilet instead.

2. Summer has officially arrived here.
We've been enjoying outside pool parties.
We also enjoyed a movie party that Brody earned for good behavior.
 There is nonstop toy-tractor driving.
Naps on miscellaneous farm equipment.
And snacking on watermelon outside.
I'm more than ok with all of this.

3. I ate a large bowl of ice cream for dinner Tuesday night.
And I'm not mad about it.
Three different flavors of Ben and Jerry's to be exact.
It was the best dinner I've had in a long time.
I highly recommend it to anyone wondering what to cook tonight.

4. Brody had his second t-ball game this week.
He's cute.
And would rather be farming.
Each kid gets to bat twice in their 1.5 hour long game.
That's their favorite part.
Then they mostly stand around.
Or, like Brody, play in the dirt with his mitt, walk to the fence to chat,
or leave the field to give Beckam kisses and snuggles.
I don't foresee a baseball career for this one.

5. For our anniversary Wednesday we took a romantic {or not}
trip to Twin Falls to do some farm errands.
We even snuck in lunch at Cafe Rio.
I wasn't even expecting that much honestly...
A summer anniversary isn't exactly farm friendly.
I was super lucky to actually spend the day with my farmer and our boys.
Our three year old even did a little photo shoot of us!

However... my farmer is taking me in his old hot rod truck to Walla Walla this weekend,
which is where we were married.
With a promised stop at Anthropologie on the way.
I'd say I win all the way around.



  1. That sleeping on farm equipment photo is too cute :) And yay for Anthro visits!

  2. happy anniversary. and that picture of the babe sleeping on the farm equipment...too much!! :)

  3. Omg your baby is adorable and I want to cover him with kisses no I'm not a creeper I promise I just really love babies!! And yours is soooo cute!

  4. Oh my word you have the cutests kids. I must follow just to see more of them!




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