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{construction themed party}

My sister in law is quite the party planner.
And when she joined up with one of her gal pals to throw their littlest babes a first birthday party... 
they did't disappoint. 

{this little birthday boy has the best facial expressions ever}

They went with a construction theme.
And it was so darling.

This kids table came with a personalized hard hat and a home depot apron for each child.
They also had coloring pages, which Brody really enjoyed.

These chocolate "rocks" were a big part of the dessert table.
Not only did they look incredibly realistic, 
but they were super delish.

My sis in law also whipped up these one year stats and printed them out.
So cute.

Chocolate cupcakes and pudding.
All vegan.
I learned a few tricks for my little guy's dairy allergies.

A super feast with burgers, potato salad, pasta salad and watermelon.

These home depot buckets made for the perfect drink container.

Each birthday guy had a string of pictures showing each month of their life so far.
Cute, cute kids.

Since it was hosted in an actual shop, the workbench and tools fit in as super easy decor.
And a great place for the gifts to go.

My little nephew was a little leery of his smash cake.
There was certainly no smashing.
More like picking.

My two boys dug right in and enjoyed thoroughly...

It was such a fun filled day, and the kids had so much fun.

 Thanks for a great time gals.
And happy birthday to the two cute little guys!!



  1. OMG. SO CUTE!!! Love the little cake!!

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