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{beckam - ONE year old}

Happy first birthday little guy!
That was certainly the fastest year of my life.

This past month you have really upped your game.
Mostly with the stunts you pull.
Most recently you decided to climb up a pretty heavy wooden stool.
The stool won.
It tipped over and put you right on your noggin...  it ended with a goose egg on the back of your head, and a big dent on your forehead where the stool landed.
I had a mild panic attack, to say the least.
Luckily, you are just fine, and barely cried... unlike me.

Your second top tooth finally decided to come out of your gums.
I'm pretty sure you, and everyone you're around is grateful for that.
Let's make these next 15 a bit easier, eh?

Your newest love...
our kitty.
You are obsessed.
And NOT gentle.
But you adore him, and smother him with love.
You even meow like him.

Farming is your jam.
The way you scoot tractors around the floor is quite precious.
You and Brody are going to have to learn how to share soon because at this rate you will both want to take over the farm.

Talking. There is lots of talking going on.
I mean complete sentences.
I'm sure that you are saying real things in your mind,
but I can't understand a bit of it.
You have perfected your own special language.
And while that's cute and all, pretty soon I'd like to actually comprehend it.

Diaper changes have not gotten any easier.
And unfortunately, my original song, "pants on my head",
isn't cutting it anymore.
Lately I have been blowing air in your face.
It makes you freeze in your tracks.
For now at least.
I think I'll have to start brainstorming on some new stellar lyrics for another song that'll amuse you.

When your daddy was in charge the other day,
he caught you playing in the toilet.
That, my friend, is disgusting.
Let's make sure that never happens again. Okay?

I think that walking is right around the corner for you.
You push around anything that rolls while walking behind it...
sometimes a little too fast.
I'm pretty sure that you can slow things down a bit.
Let's start walking before running.

You are quite a business man.
Always on your phone.
I'm not sure who you are talking too.
I don't think you know either though. 
I doubt you can hear anyone since you hold the phone to your neck... or upper back... or face.

You are enthralled with your little "car"
Boy can you drive.
Generally backwards.
But your precision is impressive. 
Plus, you dance while you drive which makes for an extra fun time.

I'm not entirely sure how,
but you are still the best little sleeper.
You honestly lunge out of my arms towards your crib at nap/bed time.
Sometimes I force you to snuggle in my arms for at least 13 seconds.
Embrace it buddy.

If you could, you would be outside every minute of the day.
You start excitedly waving goodbye every time you are near the door.
Some of your favorite outdoor activities include:
eating rocks, digging in the dirt, and swinging.

You are quite the jokester.
You even have the perfect little fake laugh down.
The best part is how you scrunch up your face when you do it.
I can't get enough of you and Brody laughing back and forth at each other.

Maybe you'll be a dentist?
You spend the entire time that you are in the bath brushing your teeth.
Getting them so fresh and so clean-clean.
You can never start too early!

Until recently you refused to wear a bib while you ate.
You acted as though it was choking you.
A bit dramatic I think.
This resulted in lots of food on the floor.
On multiple occasions you took it upon yourself to be the vacuum.
Luckily I clean the floor often, but still...
it's a good thing you like to brush your teeth.

Daddy's boy.
You are crazy about him.
If he comes home and doesn't hold you...
there will be crying.
It's totally cute... well, not the crying.

Your kissing skills are really flourishing.
I'm the happiest mommy ever when you stop your playing 
to come over and plant a super slobbery kiss on me.
Keep 'em coming baby.
And when you give Brody a kiss goodnight, EVERY night, my heart almost explodes.

Beckam, you are a treasure.
I am so blessed to be your mommy.
We love you more than you'll ever know.
Happy first birthday!



  1. This post... My heart... SO SWEET. Happy one year to your adorable little boy. My own daughter just hit the year mark and it's so fun to read these posts because I love to witness how differently children develop! Also, LUCKY YOU with your good little sleeper!! xo

  2. Where did you get that highchair?!?!? I am on the hunt and failing miserably. Such a sweet, precious little boy!

  3. So sweet!!! It goes too fast!

  4. Such a babe!!! Yes, where did you get the highchair? I've been Craigslisting like crazy looking for one to paint like this!

  5. These are quite possibly the cutest baby pictures I have ever soon. SO precious!

  6. These pictures are perfection and I love that you write to him. Also, "Farming is your jam". HA!!


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