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{a picnic party}

On Sunday, I threw my baby a picnic party for his first birthday.
Needless to say, I was pretty excited to plan a party that would take place in the warm part of the year.
We had it in our yard, and had such a fabulous time with great friends and family.

There is a major abundance of photos,
but they were all too cute not to post.

I mean, who can resist stripy straws in mason jars?
Clearly not me.

The party favors for the kids consisted of a white metal bucket with only the finest $1 items: sunglasses, a blow up beach ball, farm animal rubber duckies, bubbles and a whistle.

I printed out Beckam's monthly pictures I had taken of him, and he's sitting in for his 12 month shot.

We had a great picnic menu, that seemed to be a hit!
Fresh fruit, veggies, mini pigs in a blanket, potato salad, pasta salad, chips, kettle corn and cupcakes.

We also had a variety of delicious beverages, in addition to some ice cold lemonade.

I had to shimmy these lovely planters about 50 feet to block a riser. 
This is what I would describe as "farm problems".
They did match the party perfectly though.

I think the biggest hit of the party were these vegan cupcakes.
I'll be posting a recipe soon.

I'm always surprised by how many people come to support and love our family.
It sure does make me feel blessed to be surrounded by such amazing people.

Beckam has never been accused of being a bad eater.
And when a massive cake was presented before him,
he accepted the challenge...

... and so did big brother Brody. :)

Heck, I couldn't resist either.
If only his daddy was that gentle, I might have let him feed me cake at our wedding without threatening him beforehand.

Birthday boy needed a little snuggle before he was ready to open up his gifts.
Those squishy lips are almost too much for me to handle.

He was very pleased and thankful for all of his new toys.

A huge thanks to everyone who helped and came.
What a fun day it was! 



  1. Those are some cute pictures, everything looks so pretty, and the family pictures are adorable :)


  2. Such an adorable party! This would be a great idea for a baby shower, too!


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