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{it's that time of year}

It's that time of year....

when I become a full time bookkeeper.
The farm is booming right now.
We {well... not really me} are planting our crops,
putting lines out,
and starting water.
It's quite a push really... and arguably the most important part of the farm year.
It's also time for budgets, contracts, bills, payroll, filing, paper work, paper work and more paper work.

when I become a full time gardener.
Our yard is no joke.
I'm pretty sure that every year we plant more grass.
And although it is very pretty,
it needs mowed... and irrigated {no fancy sprinkler systems here}.
My farmer hubby also decided that we needed to triple the size of our garden this year.
I'm going to need to learn how to do some canning, stat.

My flower beds, raspberry bushes, strawberry patch and "orchard" {our 10 lovely fruit trees} also need tended.

when I occasionally remember that I run this here blog, 
and try to write some stellar posts for y'all. :)

when I am still a full time Mommy and wife to my awesome guys.
So basically, it's busy around these parts.
And I love it.



  1. girl. you make me look shameful. it's embarrassing.

  2. You are so right girl, it is that time of year. The farm will be in full swing. Likewise I do the books and help with water and moving equipment.
    But girl that yard and garden you go girl


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