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{beckam - 11 months}

Oh sweet Beckam.
Eleven months old.
You are turning into such a fun little guy.

You have started talking in your very own language.
Complete sentences.
I don't understand any of it. Not even a little bit.
But it's cute.
You still say "dada", and have also started calling Brody "bu."
It's a start.
You know what else would be a good start?
Saying MOMMY.

You make the best tractor sounds.
It's pretty guttural.
And very deep.
There's no messing around when it's time to play tractors.
You take it very serious.

Recently you have learned how to open doors!
However the only door that you know you can open is the one to the laundry room...
which leads to outside {it just so happens to be your favorite place.} 
Once you figure out that all of the other door knobs in the house are the same height,
we're in trouble.
And Brody won't have a safe spot to play OCD anymore.

Another interesting first is being able to flush the toilet.
You are such a busy body, and into absolutely everything...
so as you were standing at the edge of the bath while Brody was bathing,
you eyed that silver lever and had to figure out just what it did.
Five flushes later, and I made you call it quits.

You make the best sad face around!
I've never seen a bottom lip come out quite as far as yours.
And those big beautiful eyes... so expressive.
I'm glad that you muzzle into my neck when you're sad, 
because then you don't see me smiling at how pitiful it all is.

My favorite thing that you are doing lately is giving kisses.
They're the sweetest... juiciest kisses ever.
And you just recently started adding a smacking sound with your tongue.
It's all a little creepy, really.

You have the best floppy hand wave around.
And you wave at absolutely everyone.
No one is left out.
Even if you catch a glimpse of car driving by from the inside of the house...
floppy hand wave commences.

The fact that you recently learned how to throw a ball is great.
I think we might sign you up for t-ball this summer.

Let's not pretend like this is all butterflies and rainbows though.
You are a pretty naughty baby.
The crawling out of your highchair bit... it's getting old.
That used to be your safe haven while I was cooking dinner...
you + highchair + a pile of puffs = 5 solid minutes of dinner prep
Now I can't leave your side while you are sitting there.
Those straps I took off for Brody are about to make their reappearance.
You need some wrangling.

Beaver. You have turned into a beaver.
Gnawing the top of your crib is a no-no.
That puppy wasn't cheap, so let's keep it in tip-top shape, shall we?

Diaper changes are not very fun.
For either of us.
I've had to get creative with my techniques for keeping you on the changing table.
The current favorite... pants on my head.
I stick your pants on my head, and sing an original song, called "pants on my head".
It's catchy.
You love it.
And you hold very still while I get the job done.

Regardless of the inane amount of toys we have,
you would much rather open up EVERY drawer and cupboard.
Then, pull everything out...
and try to sit in it. 
Your favorite is the drawer under the oven. 
I'm pretty sure you think it's a vehicle of sorts.

You're going to need to work on your listening/obeying skills.
Selective hearing is your strong suit.

I think you're going to be a rock climber. 
Or maybe just a mountain hiker.
You are very talented at crawling/climbing up things.
You can scale the drawers by using the pulls as your holds.
You are capable of climbing into the bathtub by yourself... even though we haven't allowed it.
Anything you can climb up, you will. 
Even if it is only an inch off the ground.
You also enjoy crawling under things.
Most specifically the dining chairs... 
and then exiting out from under the table through your highchair hole.
It's impressive. All of it.
And I'm pretty sure you're going to give me a full head of grey hairs... sooner than later.

Really though,
you are a joy.



1 comment:

  1. He is a cutie! Love the pic of him playing with the tractors my little boy is 6 and still plays with them. With the life we live I don't think he will ever stop lol


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