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{beckam - 10 months}

 Oh, Beckam baby.
You've hit double digits.
1-0 months old! 

In the last month you have certainly mastered "normal" crawling.
You are good at it.
And fast.
So much so that OCD big brother Brody often locks himself in his room to play,
so you can't destroy anything and everything in sight.
You are pretty obsessed with Brody though.
Following him around the house is a favorite activity for sure.

Efficiency is your jam.
If you are playing with a toy, and want to go to a new location,
you just shove that toy in your mouth and speed crawl to your new spot. 
As long as you don't start playing with pencils, I'm ok with this trait.

Another new thing that you have discovered is nose picking.
I'm pretty sure you don't know what you're doing, 
it's just exciting to find a new hole stick your finger in.
I'd be ok with it if you decided to stop.

Your little personality is really starting to shine. 
The other day you were after something you shouldn't be playing with.
When I said, "Beckam, uh uh."
You promptly turned around, put your finger up, and shook your head back at me.
I'm pretty sure it was out of defiance,
but let's just say you were showing me that you knew it was naughty.
Sometimes you cry when I tell you "no."
I'm not sure if you are sensitive or just upset because you're not getting what you want.
Probably the latter.

You have recently become a big fan of playing the recorder.
You were introduced to it at your Grandma's,
and after you tried to blow on a flashlight at home, I decided it was time to purchase you your own.
Another instrument to add to your list.
Mr. Music.

You have always enjoyed dancing,
but more recently you really like to dance with me.
I don't blame you... let's just say, these hips don't lie.
Your current favorite song to groove to is Timber.
Thumbs up.

You continue your fascination with tires. 
Most toys with tires only interest you because you can spin their tires around.
The first thing you do is flip it over, then spin, spin, spin.

You have learned the art of copying.
Generally by means of squealing.
You and Brody have some lovely duets together.

The goodbye wave that you have learned is way too cute.
I think we need to work on some wrist strengthening exercises though.
Floppy wrist.
For now, it's adorable.

Naps and sleeping are one of your strong suits.
You are taking two long naps everyday,
and sleeping 12-13 hours at night.
I'm sure you are growing.
That's good and all, but I'd appreciate it if you'd slow down a tad.

I love you so much little man!
Thanks for making our home even happier.


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