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{baby time}

It's that time of year again!
Our neighbors lambs are being born, 
and we can never pass up an opportunity to go and check them out.
Looking at the pictures from two years ago and last year was fun. 
Brody sure has grown up a lot.

And Beckam, LOVED them.

We brought some of our friends to enjoy the babies too.
These little ones had a blast.
Despite the freezing cold wind...
thanks for that Idaho.

I wish I could have captured Beckam's face.
Just imagine the biggest dimply smile you've ever seen.
Sheer delight.

That guy holding the lamb was quite the helper. 
He even chased the heard of sheep and lambs around and dove to catch one that looked just like a baby cow.
He missed.
But it was a valiant effort.

These pals stood and watched the mama sheep for like a solid five minutes.
It was precious.

Speaking of precious...
my loves:

Never a dull moment on the farm.



  1. This is so sweet + precious. Beautiful memories :) Happy Monday! Xx.

  2. These pictures are the sweetest!!! I've been trying to convince my fiance we need a baby goat, pony and/or bunnies for our daughter who just loves animals. Then he reminds me we don't live on a farm :/ lol Someday...


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