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{combine cake tutorial}

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, I made this John Deere Combine cake for my hubby's birthday.

I found an absolutely amazing tutorial on how to do it, and I wanted to share it with you today.
Lora from A Quiet Life in a Loud House, was kind enough to let me use her words and pictures since I was THE worst at documenting my process.

This is her tutorial:
 {with snippets from me in parenthesis - hope that doesn't make it too confusing}


So I started with a quarter sheet cake. {I was nervous about making mistakes… so I used a half sheet. There was definitely extra.} I cut a piece of wood about 5x8 inches. I covered it with foil. Then I cut 2 slabs of cake that size as well, and piled them on top, with icing in between. 

Then I picked an end to be the back, and rounded the edges.

I cut a wedge shaped piece of cake to be the cab, and attached it with icing and shish-kabob skewers. 

I also made a hopper like a rectangle with a bowl hollowed out inside. 

Then I covered the whole thing in green stars {disclaimer… Lora is amazing! You will notice on my combine cake, that there are no stars. Not even one. I was incapable. I had to just pipe lines of frosting on.}

Here is a close-up of the cab, after I iced the top, but before I did the windows. Notice how the hopper is right up to the cab on top.

I poked in a bendy straw to be the auger. I cut the bent part a little shorter. I used a smooth tip to pipe icing on all around it. {Again, I am not that talented… I used the same icing tip as the rest of the cake… the icing sticks quite well to the straw.}

I dipped my finger in corn starch to pat the icing smooth. The corn starch just soaks in.

I put on the toy combine head. I attached a ding dong with frosting for the front wheels, and chocolate covered donettes for the back wheels, and a little yellow icing for details. Candy corn in the hopper.

Gray for the windows, lined in black.



SO, based off of that incredible tutorial, I made this:

Maybe not quite as cute... but it certainly was a hit, regardless.

Now, it's your turn! 
I know you can do it.



  1. i love it. and it was delicious. and now i know you had mini donuts at the party and didn't share. harsh, amy. harsh.

  2. Love this! My farm boys would flip! Thanks for the tutorial even though I probably won't ever attempt it!!


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