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{beckam - 9 months}

This little boy...
I mean, come on.
These pictures physically hurt my heart.
I know that I am biased, but he is just too cute.

Beckam turned 9 months old on Saturday. 

This last month he has turned into a whole new baby.

For starters, he is Mr. Mobile. 
Crawling has commenced...
his own, very special, type of crawling. 
He mixes it up quite frequently, but one of his favorite crawls can be seen in the second to last photo.
One leg forward, one leg back, crawl with your hands, scoot on your bum.
It's special. And cute.
He also has a speed crawl.
He hasn't quite mastered the "typical" hands and knees movement,
so it's more like speed worm.
He does this when he is going to something that he knows he's not supposed to.
My favorite part is that he looks back to see if I'm watching, and if I don't give him eye contact, 
he squeals and makes a break for it.
He's ornery.

He is pulling himself up on anything and everything.
Checking out what this world is all about.

Even though he has stopped choking on puffs,
he still can't get enough of them. 
He's like Hungry Hungry Hippo.
As soon as I place them on the table, 
he swipes up as many as his little fat hands can grab.
He usually keeps about five of them hoarded in his left hand while he eats with his right.

Trying to feed him pureed baby food has gotten a little bit trickier.
He likes to feed himself,
but his utensil skills are definitely subpar, as should be expected.
So, it's my job. Imagine that.
His cat like quickness usually ends up hitting the spoon and spilling the food on the table. 
If I don't have a napkin ready, he sees this as a perfect opportunity to use the table as some bongos.
I've gotten pretty good at distracting him with singing.
Or high pitch noises. 
He gets intrigued and I can shove a spoonful of goodness in his mouth.
Our meal times would be fun to watch.

He is very chatty still.
It sounds like he is speaking sentences.
In his own fun language.
He has lots of sounds down, except "M".
He's been saying Dada for awhile.
And it even sounds like he says Brody sometimes.
But getting him to say Mama is not going to happen.
He thinks it is hilarious when I try to coach him on it too.
In time.

My little Mr. Baby has his bottom two teeth.
You can catch a little glimpse of them in the very top photo.
Based on the amount of drool that he produces, 
I wouldn't be surprised if more were coming soon.

Gosh, I love this kid.
The happiest little guy around.


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  1. So, so cute!!! His chubby little baby thighs are scrumptious :)!! Xx.


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