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{a farm party}

February 9 and 10 are kind of a big deal around the farm. 
Two of my farmers have their birthday's.

Brody turned THREE! 
{Which needs an entire post of it's own.}
I showed him pictures of cakes before his birthday to get an idea of what he would like. 
After scouring Pinterest and finding lots of amazing cakes, he was less than impressed.
He was adamant about wanting the SAME cake that he had last year.

My hubby on the other hand...
he's been a little bummed that his birthday gets overshadowed by the little man's.
SO, he requested a combine cake. 
Boom. Done. 

I had so much fun putting together this little farm party for my boys.

{that barn was a birthday gift to Brody... honestly I bought it mostly for decoration.. 
turns out he is in love with it.}

{overall central... takes me straight back to fourth grade}

{as party favors, we gave away little farm themed wooden puzzles that you can paint yourself, 
and a mason jar full of animal crackers}

I will be posting a tutorial or two about how I made some of the items. 
Stay tuned.

AND Happy Birthday to two of my favorite farmers. 



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