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{5 | new mind blowing things}

1. Tractor driving.
This is obviously not a new thing on the farm.
However, it is to Beckam.
Once he sat on that tractor seat for the first time, he knew he belonged.

I breed farmers.
It's in their blood.
And good golly they are cute.

2. Samoas.
Come on Girl Scouts.
Do you really have to make such a delicious cookie?
My farmer can't resist himself.

Yes. Those are cases, I repeat, CASES of Girl Scout cookies.
Good grief.
Brody tasted his first Samoa the other day. 
His mind was definitely blown.
He asks for a "purple" cookie on the daily now.
{The box that they come in is purple.}

3. Swings and slides.
This, my friends, has been a long time coming.
A while back I was desperate to get Brody to go to sleep all by himself, like a big boy.
The only bribe that seemed to interest him was a playground set.
Most nights he would still insist that he would rather have mommy than swings and slides...
he won.
"Big boys want their mommy's," he would say.
That is just the sweetest, most heartbreaking thing you'll ever hear from your child.
At the start of the new year, I got tough, and we had a new bedtime routine.
Long story short, he now goes to sleep all by himself.
And now, we have this monstrosity in our backyard.

I think he'd say it was worth it.
The building process was fun too.
I've never seen a kid so excited to open up boxes of lumber in all my life. 

4. Kitchen Aid mashed potatoes.
Has anyone else done this!?
It's new to me though.
I couldn't find my masher the other night,
and after trying a fork {fail} I decided to toss the boiled taters in the kitchen aid and whiz them up.
Mind. Blown.
They were whipped to perfection.
With the help of some salt, butter, and milk obviously.

5. Scooter.
My hubby brought home this treasure the other day.
When he first told me about it on the phone I immediately thought it'd be a cute little vespa of sorts.
A motorized razor scooter.

I was disappointed before I took that baby for a spin.
She's got a little bit of pick up and go.

It's been mind blowing around here for sure.

Have a terrific weekend!



  1. I cant get over how cute that pic is of your little on the tractor! Darling! And Samoas, I will leave it there. Enough said! Have a great weekend!

  2. First of all, I am totally jealous of those cases of girl scout cookies! The purple cookie is my favorite too!! Your girl scout must have some serious sales. ;) Second, thanks for the Kitchen Aid mashed potato tip. I've never even heard of doing this (I must live under a rock!) but now I'm definitely trying it because I love smooth potatoes and this sounds perfect and easy.
    I hope you have a great weekend!

    xo Always, Abby

  3. Visiting from the link-up! I have NO CLUE how I've avoided GS cookies so far. Its only a matter of time before I cave..

  4. I'm stopping by from the link up.. your little boy on the tractor is so cute! We have that same swing set and love it. So much nicer than the metal one I grew up with. I always make my mashed potatoes with my KitchenAide, mostly because I'm too lazy to mash them myself!

  5. I can't wait for my order of GS cookies to come in! How can something so bad taste so good?! Stopping by from teh link up! Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. Visiting from the link up. Love that picture of him on the tractor! So cute! Also, Samoas are the best of all the GS cookies! :)

  7. Looks like so much fun! And girl scout cookies are the death of me!!!


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