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{five things i made... and so should you}

It's Friday. 
And... remember when I said that we were done traveling?
I lied.
We are going to Walla Walla, WA tomorrow for the weekend. 
I sure do love that place... for multiple reasons.
But mostly because I met my handsome farmer there.

Courtesy of 2004.
The glory days. :)

Ok. Enough of that bizz.
Onto my creations!

{1.} We got crafty. 
Beckam made this for Valentines Day.

And by that... I mean I did 100% of the work.
I would give you a tutorial, but let's face it... you're all smart folk.
It's simple.

{2.} More crafting.
This time by Brody.
I did... 90% of this work on these. 
And they aren't even completed.
But Brody thinks they're rad.
So, I'll take that as a job well done.

{3.}Turkey bacon mini fritatas.

These were so easy.
And extra delicious.
They are even perfect to pop in the fridge and eat them throughout the week.
Do yourself a favor and make them.

{4.}I finally finished the boys' iMovie of 2013.
Every year I make a home movie of sorts using photos, videos and music.
I highly recommend it to all mothers/fathers.
Watching them is nostalgic. 
I know I will forever be grateful for them.
And they really aren't that hard.
I'd be happy to give some pointers to anyone interested!

{5.} Last year I made this cake for Brody and Ryan's birthday.

Brody is adamant about having the EXACT same one again this year.
Ryan, however, has requested this...

How the heck am I going to pull that off!?
It might not happen.
And if it does... it certainly won't look like this.

Have a wonderful weekend homies!

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  1. Cutest "love" sign there ever was! Might just have to try that one :) Have a great weekend!

  2. Found you from the linkup! Love everything you've made. I might have to start doing the yearly movies... I love sentimental things like that. Happy Friday!

  3. stopping by from the linkup. new follower. follow me back. k?


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