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{dolla' dolla' bills y'all}

I'm proud to report that I'm part of a cold, hard cash giveaway via the financial funds of the lovely, LOVELY ladies below…and myself.

Seriously…by coincidence only…they all happen to be gorgeous. It's true.

We have banded together to present you with a $105 visa giftcard just in time to buy your sweetie (or yourself) a bang-up treat. 

So that's fun.
Just get yourself entered below!

And DO NOT forget to visit all these fine gals…because they are total doll-faces. That's for sure.

clockwise from the top
jess // natalie // amy // erin // mackenzie // jessica // emily // karissa // karli // neja



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  2. It is a cool contest! I even gave a link to my colleagues from handmadewritings. Hope to see more contests on your website.


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