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{beckam - 7 & 8 months}

I bet you're wondering, "what's with the Santa Baby in January?"
Weeeell, I missed Beckam's seventh month post, so I'm playing a bit of catch up.
These are a couple of pics from his 7th month photo shoot I did, and I couldn't help but share.
All of the awesome stats are going to be combined though. :)

And here is now, at eight months...

Lots has changed with this little fella in the last two months!

While we were on our last little trip, he decided it was time for firsts...

First, a teeny tiny tooth finally emerged from those little gums!
Another one is close behind.
He's going to have his bottom two beaver chompers, that look oh so cute.

Second, he sat up from a laying position all by himself.
I was pretty surprised. 
He hasn't been that consistent with continuing it, but he's capable.

Thirdly, he started moving.
As in, he's somewhat mobile now. 
I can't put him down with a bunch of toys and expect him to stay there. 
He usually ends up across the room...
usually trying to destroy something of Brody's. 
Destructo-baby likes to knock over lincoln log masterpieces and wooden block mansions.
He will be crawling any day now.
Wish us all luck.

Mr. "I hate my belly" has started sleeping on his tummy.
I think he has finally realized it's not all that bad.
And I sure enjoy looking at that little booty in the air while he sleeps.

He has been feeding himself now for a little while.
We started with puffs.
He's obsessed with them, just like Brody was.
He can't get them into his mouth fast enough...
which causes choking.
It's happened on multiple occasions. 
Needless to say, he can only be given a couple at a time now.

This little guy's got the strongest two finger grab in the west.
He'll catch the corner of something with those two little fingers and get complete control of it.
To name a couple... full glasses of liquid and entire plates of food.
Way too handsy.

He can also stand alone now.
It usually ends up with him getting a little too confident, 
and promptly falling over though.
He's not quite pulling himself up yet,
but I'm going to need to lower his crib in two shakes.

A fun new talent is his grunt talking.
At first I attributed it to a bowel movement.
But it has continued.
We are hoping that this doesn't turn out to be his actual voice.
It sounds very aggressive. :)

Speaking of talking, he really likes to say "dada".
I coach him daily on how to say "mommy" or "mama".
And everyday, he looks at me, smiles, and says "dada, dada, dada" in return.
He's got a bit of attitude. Kidding. 
But he sure does love his daddy.

Another love is music and dancing.
He will shake his head and body to music.
Or clap his hands {although he claps at lots of things right now}.
He even did some fist pumping while nursing the other day.
I was certainly humored.
I think he may be a musical little guy.
Instruments fascinate him, and he tries real hard to play them.
He's a funny little dude.

What a fun last two months we had.
I can't get enough of my super happy guy.
Love him so much!


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  1. Oh my gosh he is way to precious! I love love love his name too :)


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