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{no bake | peanut butter + chocolate cookies}

I've got an amazing cookie recipe to share with y'all today.
Not only are they super yummy...
they are SO fast {like 15 minutes from start to finish}, 
and they only require four ingredients.

Without further ado...

Reese's Puffs Cookies


1/2 cup light Karo Syrup
1/2 cup sugar
1 cup peanut butter {creamy or crunchy}
2 cups Puffs {you can use Cocoa or Reese's}

Before you begin, measure out all ingredients.

Add Karo Syrup and sugar to a pot.

Bring to a boil {stirring constantly}.
Boil for about 45 seconds.

Remove from stove and add peanut butter.

Stir until it is mixed in thoroughly.

Add Puff cereal.

Be careful not to crush the balls.
{that's what he said}
Coat the cereal with the peanut butter mixture.

Drop by spoonfuls onto wax paper.

Let them cool for a few minutes so they firm up.

Easy, right!?

This is a great recipe for a quick dessert.
Plus, you don't have to drop a lotta coin for the ingredients.

{This recipe makes about 2 dozen cookies.}

Perhaps you can impress your friends/hubby/significant other 
and whip these up for the Super Bowl, eh?



{five things i made... and so should you}

It's Friday. 
And... remember when I said that we were done traveling?
I lied.
We are going to Walla Walla, WA tomorrow for the weekend. 
I sure do love that place... for multiple reasons.
But mostly because I met my handsome farmer there.

Courtesy of 2004.
The glory days. :)

Ok. Enough of that bizz.
Onto my creations!

{1.} We got crafty. 
Beckam made this for Valentines Day.

And by that... I mean I did 100% of the work.
I would give you a tutorial, but let's face it... you're all smart folk.
It's simple.

{2.} More crafting.
This time by Brody.
I did... 90% of this work on these. 
And they aren't even completed.
But Brody thinks they're rad.
So, I'll take that as a job well done.

{3.}Turkey bacon mini fritatas.

These were so easy.
And extra delicious.
They are even perfect to pop in the fridge and eat them throughout the week.
Do yourself a favor and make them.

{4.}I finally finished the boys' iMovie of 2013.
Every year I make a home movie of sorts using photos, videos and music.
I highly recommend it to all mothers/fathers.
Watching them is nostalgic. 
I know I will forever be grateful for them.
And they really aren't that hard.
I'd be happy to give some pointers to anyone interested!

{5.} Last year I made this cake for Brody and Ryan's birthday.

Brody is adamant about having the EXACT same one again this year.
Ryan, however, has requested this...

How the heck am I going to pull that off!?
It might not happen.
And if it does... it certainly won't look like this.

Have a wonderful weekend homies!

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{beckam - 7 & 8 months}

I bet you're wondering, "what's with the Santa Baby in January?"
Weeeell, I missed Beckam's seventh month post, so I'm playing a bit of catch up.
These are a couple of pics from his 7th month photo shoot I did, and I couldn't help but share.
All of the awesome stats are going to be combined though. :)

And here is now, at eight months...

Lots has changed with this little fella in the last two months!

While we were on our last little trip, he decided it was time for firsts...

First, a teeny tiny tooth finally emerged from those little gums!
Another one is close behind.
He's going to have his bottom two beaver chompers, that look oh so cute.

Second, he sat up from a laying position all by himself.
I was pretty surprised. 
He hasn't been that consistent with continuing it, but he's capable.

Thirdly, he started moving.
As in, he's somewhat mobile now. 
I can't put him down with a bunch of toys and expect him to stay there. 
He usually ends up across the room...
usually trying to destroy something of Brody's. 
Destructo-baby likes to knock over lincoln log masterpieces and wooden block mansions.
He will be crawling any day now.
Wish us all luck.

Mr. "I hate my belly" has started sleeping on his tummy.
I think he has finally realized it's not all that bad.
And I sure enjoy looking at that little booty in the air while he sleeps.

He has been feeding himself now for a little while.
We started with puffs.
He's obsessed with them, just like Brody was.
He can't get them into his mouth fast enough...
which causes choking.
It's happened on multiple occasions. 
Needless to say, he can only be given a couple at a time now.

This little guy's got the strongest two finger grab in the west.
He'll catch the corner of something with those two little fingers and get complete control of it.
To name a couple... full glasses of liquid and entire plates of food.
Way too handsy.

He can also stand alone now.
It usually ends up with him getting a little too confident, 
and promptly falling over though.
He's not quite pulling himself up yet,
but I'm going to need to lower his crib in two shakes.

A fun new talent is his grunt talking.
At first I attributed it to a bowel movement.
But it has continued.
We are hoping that this doesn't turn out to be his actual voice.
It sounds very aggressive. :)

Speaking of talking, he really likes to say "dada".
I coach him daily on how to say "mommy" or "mama".
And everyday, he looks at me, smiles, and says "dada, dada, dada" in return.
He's got a bit of attitude. Kidding. 
But he sure does love his daddy.

Another love is music and dancing.
He will shake his head and body to music.
Or clap his hands {although he claps at lots of things right now}.
He even did some fist pumping while nursing the other day.
I was certainly humored.
I think he may be a musical little guy.
Instruments fascinate him, and he tries real hard to play them.
He's a funny little dude.

What a fun last two months we had.
I can't get enough of my super happy guy.
Love him so much!



{dolla' dolla' bills y'all}

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{two month hiatus}

As you may, or may not, have known
I just took a two month hiatus from blogging. 
It seemed like a week, but my last post was about Beckam turning 6 months old.
He's nearly 8 months old now. 
Fast math, eh?

We've been a wee bit busy.
Winter time on the farm is a glorious time of year when my farmer has free time. 
So we play.
A lot.
Let me break it down for you, in what is probably going to be the longest blog post in history.

{1.} Thanksgiving

My hubby's sister and her lovely family came to the farm for Thanksgiving.
We got right to work making some super rad turkey tutu's for a 5k Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving morning.

There was lots of playing and fun had by all.


Mid December our little family of four packed up and headed to the East Coast for a wedding.
We just so happened to fly in during a crazy winter wonderland storm. 
Here's a little glimpse of how we fly.

These boys are pretty great travelers.
I was convinced that people were going to think we drugged them because every time we took off, they passed out. 
I like to call it, coincidence.

Look at my rockstar farmer toting the boys around the city.
FYI. If you go to Boston in the wintertime, you're going to want to remember gloves.
Because I certainly didn't, and my hands nearly froze off.

This was our first time this far east, and it was a pretty picturesque winter wonderland.

It also just so happened to be Brody's first time in tux.
I just about died.

We loved Boston! 
But more than that, we loved seeing old friends and catching up,
and meeting new friends that we felt like we'd known forever.

{3.} California

36 hours after we got home from Boston, we left for Cali.
{Ooh, and I hammered out a Christmas party at our church in that 36 hours too.}
We headed straight down to the Oakland Hills, where my bro and his new wife just moved.
And I literally mean JUST moved. They were still unpacking boxes. 
We were definitely their first house guests.

My awesome aunt came to spend the day with us too.
We were only there for a night and a day, but we did lots in that amount of time...
including a park, cuddle time, lunch and both boys' first carousel ride.

{4.} Christmas

Lucky for us, my parents only live a couple of hours from my brother. 
Christmas eve was spent walking, baking my dads birthday cheesecake and making noodles the old fashioned way...

Oh, and getting new jammies, and putting our hair into the ultimate high pony.

Christmas day, was pretty fab too.

I mean, we hit up the local coffee shop in our Christmas jammies, before coming home and having a very merry denim and plaid Christmas.

Clearly the kids got tired out by the days festivities.

And in what seemed like an instant, it was already time to go.
With a few extra snuggles from Zaza and Pappy, we made our way home...
to ring in the new year, buy a new couch and get ready for yet another trip.

{5.} McCall, Idaho

You may recall the glorious trip to Kauai that we made last January.
We decided to snag the same friends

...and go on yet another trip this year.
Only, it was not tropical or warm. 
Instead, snowy and cold.
But, just as enjoyable.
We spent quite a few nights playing some hilariously funny games after the little ones went to bed. 
We also hit up the hot springs.


Played in the snow.

{still not sure how they made it through that slide}

Went to the spa, and left the husbands in charge.

And ate glorious cinnamon rolls larger than my head.

And that about sums up the last two months.

AND now my boys are sick.
We are at home resting for the foreseeable future,
and don't plan on going anywhere until, uh... next winter. 


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