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{we're done}

Sugar beet harvest is officially over.
This year at least.
It's usually the most intense harvest of the year, where we rarely see my farmer,
soooo, I'm glad it's over.

I thought I'd give y'all a little tour through photos of a day in the life of sugar beet harvest 
around these parts. 

This is what harvest looks like when things are running smoothly:

And, when things slow down the following takes place:

{Brody learned to use a beet knife this year. He wasn't interested in picking up the fallen beets until this large, sharp and semi dangerous tool was presented.}

{The farmer cleans off and services his digger, while purposefully ignoring my camera.}

{The dog takes a break from running through the field and eating sugar beets... which by the way cause the worst dog fart you've ever smelled.}

{Little farmer plays with the wilted beet tops, and chases whoever will run from him.}

My hubby got a lot of help from the boys this year:

{Beckam's first time digging. I would say he was underwhelmed. 
Or maybe he was just playing it cool.}

{Gunner is always helpful. Or not so much. But he's lovable... 
as long as he hasn't eaten too many sugar beets.}

Brody drove with his daddy almost every day for the past month.
He would stay for a couple of hours, and usually take his nap on the floor of the tractor...
after he ate most of Ryan's lunch.
This is what usually occurred when I went to pick him up:

{Beckam got to bond a little with daddy too.}

{I would throw Brody around after "racing" through the truck tracks.}

Let's just say it was an exhausting harvest:

Now that it's over, you'd think my hubby could hang out.
He started combining corn about 4 hours after finishing the beets.
Maybe in a couple weeks! :)


1 comment:

  1. you're so close! i think RP is going to finish corn tomorrow…maybe?? this is the cutest post. i love it. what is it about babies riding on their daddy's laps? melts my heart.


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