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{five things... including the mullet revisited}

1. I slept sitting upright last night.
I was holding my poor sick baby and comforting him through his first ever cold.
He would normally prefer to be left alone while he slept, 
but I couldn't put him down without screams of disapproval last night.

Fingers crossed that he feels like sleeping solo tonight.

2. Every year I put together a home video of sorts with pictures, video and music.
As I was working on it today, I ran across them gem.

Note the golden mullet. 
Those were his glory days.

3. We got Beckam's new fall Honest Diapers in the mail recently.
They are oh-so-cute.
I just had to take a few pics of him in them, although his chub covers them up real good.

Brody snuck in for a photo-op too.

4. Some good friends of ours let us borrow their sons large collection of Cars toys for Brody. 
He is mildly obsessed, and was in heaven when he came home from working with his daddy to all of these awesome toys. 

{excuse the poor quality photo, I took a screen shot of a video - but you get the idea}

I am so thrilled I didn't have to buy them too, since it will probably be a short lived phase.

5. Hallelujah it's the weekend.
I am more than thrilled that my hubby gets to spend a whole 24 hours with us and not do anything work related.
We miss him around these parts during the week.

AND, am I not the luckiest gal around!?
I mean, I'm surrounded by these three handsome guys all the time. :)

I hope that your weekend is as fabulous as mine will be!
Catch ya later homies.



  1. absolutely stunning and precious family pics!!! my heart skipped a beat! xx

  2. Such great photos! What cuties you get to live with. Hope the little one feels better

  3. Poor baby!! Hope he is feeling better

  4. I hope your little one feels better! Sickness is no fun for baby...or mama!


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