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{beckam - 6 months}

Oh, Beckam.
 Half of a year.
It's hard to believe that in another six months we are going to be having a birthday party for you, my little munchkin.

It is so fun watching you grow,
and seeing your little personality come out. 

It's been a rough last week for you.
You got your very first cold.
You are not a fan of all of that mucus in your little body.
Remember how I used to brag about what an awesome sleeper you were?
Well... that all went down the drain when you couldn't breathe once I laid you down.
I ended up holding you in your glider for two nights in a row, just so you could sleep.
I'm pretty sure you enjoyed it.
You've been trying to convince me that this needs to be a nightly routine.
No, sir. Not gonna happen.
I'm going to force you to be the rockstar sleeper of the family.
It's your destiny.

In addition to your cold, you also have some eczema.
This isn't new, but now that you have a little more control of your body, 
you are beginning to itch it more. 
No worries, I've been researching like a crazy lady and we are going 
to get this all figured our for you my little friend.

Despite your itchy skin, and recent snotty nose,
you are still ridiculously happy.
It's amazing really.
You literally smile when you sneeze.
Your positive attitude is already contagious.
I can't wait to see what this means for your future.

This last month you started on some solid food!
 You seemed very ready and interested, and then...
when you actually got your first solid food meal,
you hated it.
It was some baby cereal.
And I tasted it.
It was good.
I waited a little longer before I started introducing you to vegetables and fruits.
Turns out, you do actually like food.
Even your baby cereal now.
So far, your favorites are sweet potatoes and mangos. 

Another "first" this past month was going down to Grandma's for a few hours with Brody.
You had never been away from me.
I was just across the field at home, but still.
It was strange.
The first time always is.
While you were there, we learned that you don't like to take a bottle, 
but you will take a nice long nap.
Yesterday you went again...
and I got my hair cut for the first time in about a year.
Judging by the amount of times you've pulled on it and tried to eat it,
I'm going to assume that you like it.

You continue to sit up like a pro.
Plopping you on the floor to play is one of your favorite things. 
You still tip over occasionally though, and do some wild rolls.
You get kinda fussy when you are on your tummy and something is in the way of your rolling onto your back.
You despise tummy time. 
And immediately roll over.
{unless I prop things on either side of you}
You would much rather just sit up to play.
I wonder if you will ever crawl?
Because I once heard that if you walk before you crawl, you will be uncoordinated. 
Do me a favor pal... let's work on staying on your tummy longer.
Crawling is in your future.

You are learning to take revenge.
Your big brother loves you a little too hard sometimes.
I don't think that you are too worried about it though.
When he comes to give you a big hug, you've started whopping him in the head/face over and over.
You both seem to enjoy it, so whop on.

Your sweet voice and singing will never get old to me.
I love you so much baby!
Keep on being awesome.

Love, your mommy.



  1. i love those pictures. it's proven that kaye really is the least photogenic child. :(

  2. Oh, he is beautiful! Those eyes! Beautiful photos, too :)

  3. OH MY GOODNESS! He is seriously so precious!!!! I'm a new follower! Your family is so cute :)


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