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{third annual harvest party}

I think this year I did the least amount of planning ever for a party.
Maybe it's because I've done this event for three years now, 
or perhaps I realized that regardless of the amount of work I put into it, everyone has the same amount of fun.

I did one big shopping trip about a week before hand, 
and the rest I did the day of the party 
{with exception of making cake pops and unwrapping 9 bags of caramels.}
I like how I say that like I did all of the work myself.
My farmer hubs and his farmer pal did most of the outdoor assembling... tent, fire, hay bales, and some amazing light decor above the tennis court.
My farmer hubs, farmer pal's wife Karli, who also just so happens to be a bestie, was equally as helpful.

With all of the hubbub of the party beginning and people showing up, I always, without fail, forget to take a picture of everything in full swing.
Luckily a friend of ours had his camera out, so in addition to my detail shots, there are some party ones too. :)

cold drinks.

hot drinks.

piñata! I forgot to get bags for the kids to put their candy in, however I had a bunch of popcorn cups left over from last years popcorn bar... they worked like a dream.

8 big batches of chili, 6 of which are in the pot on the right. Needless to say, we had some leftovers.

 Instead of a popcorn bar this year, we did caramel apples. They were a big hit, and I highly recommend it.

cake pops.

All of the kids seemed to have a blast. Brody crashed and took a nap about a half hour before the party started. He looks a little dazed still in this pic, but after the sugar from that cake pop got into his blood, there was NO stopping him.

 This year we decided to do line dancing as an activity. Turns out that out of the 75ish people attending, only about 10 wanted to participate. I was a little underwhelmed. But regardless, I had a fun time... even while holding my 30+ pound two year old.

This was at the end of the night... moments before a MASSIVE wind storm blew in.
Pretty typical for our neck of the woods.
People scattered fast. 
I've never seen a party clear out quite so quickly.
My house looked like a hurricane whipped through it with everything from outside being thrown inside.
In addition to dishes, burlap and straw/leaves strewn about, my children were crying and ready for bed.
Fun end to the night. :)

The party was super fun though. 
Thanks to all of our friends and family for coming...
you guys are the best! 



  1. I always love reading about your Harvest Party and wish I was there! As always it looks like it was so much fun and I will have to remember the caramel apples for my next gathering!


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