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{pumpkin patch}

A few weeks ago my parents were here for a visit.
We took a little drive down the street to our neighbors "maze"/pumpkin patch.
Usually we wait until late October to get pumpkins there,
so this time we decided to be the very first people in the patch.
I like having first dibs better.

For the first half hour Brody picked a "baby pumpkin" that was never fully developed.
{You can see it in his hand in the family picture on the bottom.}
Finally we found the actual baby pumpkins, so he could tote it around instead.

Pappy and Brody went hand in hand past the big machines... as Brody likes to call them.

Beckam was mostly concerned about keeping his pacifier in his mouth.

My hubby just so happens to be an all-star daddy.

As does our good friend.

This... this is Brody showing affection.
Not sure where he learned it.

I don't think Miss Kaye is a fan.

I mean how cute are all of my boys!?
I'm one lucky lady!!

On a side note... one of my dear friends could really use your prayers.
His father passed away unexpectedly this morning.
Thanks a bunch!


1 comment:

  1. i still wish i was there. :) those pictures of brody and kaye kill me EVERY time. every time.


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