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{farm shenanigans}

If you've been reading my blog for a little while now,
you'd know that we are no strangers to weird middle of the night excursions.
{Visit this post for a daylight example.}

Tuesday night was no exception.
I was doing my typical "after the kids go to sleep" routine of watching too much tv,
and I heard my hubby drive in from yet another ridiculously long day of harvest at about 10:30 pm.

Pretty soon, at the front door, I heard some very loud meowing.
I opened the door and my farmer had the cutest little kitty in his hands.
He said it was standing in the middle of the driveway near the shop.

We knew that one of our cats had kittens a few weeks back...
and I also had discovered at the time that she had them in a hole in a large tree.
{Her last batch of kittens were murdered by a skunk... the tree birth was smart thinking.}

The hubs said that he saw another kitten peeking out of the hole in the tree, 
and we should probably try to rescue them.

I wish I had a picture of myself in my "outfit"...
pajama pants, nursing camisole dress, sweatshirt, and uggs.
It was COLD, and close-ish to midnight.

You would think that this would be an easy kitty rescue,
and it would've been, if the momma cat didn't have her babies in the highest hole in the tree...
we're talking 20 feet up.

Ryan scaled the tree without a plan.
I was certain he was going to fall.
Luckily he didn't.
Using my phone for a flashlight he saw that there were two kitties in the hole.

After some discussion of plans of action, he had me drag over a hose.
He put it over a massive branch and used it to steady himself so he could reach 
into the hole to grab the babies.
Once he grabbed one, I climbed up on the very top of the ladder, and he reached down as far as he could, and the hand-off occurred... twice.

My hubby then used the hose and rappelled down the face of the tree.
Impressive, really.
He's a modern day hero that saves baby kitty cats.

Here is a picture of our kitty rescue plan the morning after.

The top hole, where the hose crosses, was the location of le bebes.


This is their new home. A tire. And a towel. 

Brody likes them...
They don't like him.
We are working on their people skills.

Never a dull moment here folks.



  1. quite the studly operation! those bebes. so cute.

  2. What an adorable post! How cute your hubbie seems as kitty rescuer!

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