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{beckam - five months}

Wellllll.... that was the fastest five months of my life!
I can't believe that my little baby is already so big.

Beckam, you are such a happy baby.
I feel so blessed to be your mommy.

You decided promptly after you turned four months old, 
that it was time to start rolling over. 
You hate tummy time SO much, that you took matters into your own hands.
High five.

The day that you rolled over for the first time, you also sat up by yourself for a bit.
You still enjoy to do so.
I certainly can't plop you down on the floor solo for an extended time yet,
but you're getting real close!

You are getting really handsy lately too.
Putting you on the counter in your bumbo to watch me make dinner is getting a little trickier.
The toys I pile in your lap aren't cutting it. 
You immediately twist your body 180 degrees to grab anything and everything in sight.
It's impressive.
Sitting you on my lap while I'm eating isn't very productive either.
You think each bite needs to end up in your mouth.
Soon... very soon.

You've spoken your first word.
It's cute. You obviously don't know what you are saying, but watching you figure out how to use your tongue to make sounds is adorable.

Brody appears to be your most favorite person.
No one can make you laugh as hard as him.
I'm not sure why you love him so much, seeing as though he is obsessed with grabbing/pulling at your hands roughly and very frequently.
Perhaps it'll make you extra tough.
You are starting to maul his face for a bit of revenge.
Unfortunately for you, he likes a good baby maul to the face. 
I do too though. 
Maul away my little cub.

Another talent that you've gotten really good at is blowing out your diapers.
TMI? Probably.
Luckily we just got your shipment of size three's.
A few weeks and a few ruined onesies too late.
Let's get this talent under control ASAP. Yes?

In addition to your blanket over the face sleeping habits,
you also are a kicker.
I watch you on the monitor...
You randomly pick up both legs and proceed to slam them both down on the mattress.
It makes the loudest thump.
We can hear it all around the house. Seriously.
I'm attributing this to gas.
But really, I have no clue. :)

You love it when I sing and dance for you.
Nonstop smiles.
Most likely you are making fun of me... or just being polite.
Or maybe, I'm just super fun? 

Likes: sophie the giraffe, anything you can grab and put IN your mouth, being tickled and smothered in kisses {it can always get a giggle out of you}, dancing.

Dislikes: being hungry? being tired? you are pretty chill most always really.

Love you to the sun and back my little monkey.
And that is A LOT of lovin'!



  1. Hi Amy, I'm sorry I haven't visited lately.
    Beckam is so handsome, and I love what you have written.

  2. So cute! My twins, who are now 13 mo old, did the slamming their legs down into the mattress. So loud! Maybe it's just a baby thing? I don't know. I was excited when I found your blog because my husband farms too! It's always fun to find other blogger like you. I look forward to following along!


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