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{a birth story: beckam stille}

As my due date came and went {5.20.13} I was convinced that I would never have my baby.
I had been staying very busy spending lots of quality time with Brody,
and honestly thought I'd be keeping my appointment for the 23rd to get induced. 

My doctor had told me at my last appointment that if my contractions were painful and as close as seven minutes apart to come in. 
{We live an hour from the hospital.}

Wednesday morning {5.22.13} I had a couple of contractions but didn't think much of it.
I went outside to water my flowers and the contractions continued... and got a little more intense.
At this point I decided it was time to start keeping track of them.
They varied from 3 to 8 minutes apart.

After making a call into my doctors office to confirm that I truly should come in, I called Ryan.
May is a pretty busy time on the ol' farm.
Luckily I was past due, so he was expecting this call at any moment.

We dropped Brody off at my in-laws and headed in to Boise.
My contractions slowed down a bit, so I was nervous that it was all a false alarm.
It was about noon, so I told Ryan that he should grab a bite to eat since he may be stuck in the hospital for the remainder of the day.
We stopped at Taco Bell for him to pee and grab some food. 
I stayed in the car. Contracting. And taking selfies.

We got to the hospital and got to park in the super cool, super close parking spots for birthing mothers.
As I got to the door to buzz in, the nurse on the other side of the door asked why we were there.
I told her I was there to have a baby.
They let us through, and the first thing they asked was,
"Why do you think that you are in labor?"
Trust me lady.

{12:00 p.m.}
I got changed into my birthing gown that was a little cuter than the ones they provide...

My lovely nurse checked my cervix and informed me that I was only dilated to 3cm.
Are you kidding!?
I just knew it would be 6 or more. Wrong.
For a hot second I thought they were going to send me home.
Instead, she told us to walk around for an hour and then she would check again.

I walked. And walked. And WALKED for an entire hour. 
Only stopping when a crazy contraction hit, so I could try to breathe through it.
I was waiting for my water to break all over. It didn't.

{1:20 p.m.}
When my hour was up, she checked me again and I was dilated to 4cm. 
At 4cm, they could officially admit me as a patient.

My doctor said that he would be by in about an hour to break my water.
In order for him to do that however, they needed to get my IV going.
Sounds easy enough, however I was a tad bit dehydrated.
7 tries, 5 locations, one hour, and 2 nurses later, they got it done.
My doctor was there waiting for them to get me hooked up even.
And then, the waters were broken.

After that, things got crazy. 
My contractions starting getting worse, which I didn't think was possible. 
They hurt bad. Real bad.

I powered through for what seemed like an eternity,
and finally decided that the feeling of a sawzall cutting through my belly should stop.
I let my nurse know and she called for an epidural.

Not long after that, Ryan and I were alone in the room and a nurse {not ours} rushed in and was checking the monitors. 
She had noticed from the nurses station monitor that something was up with the babies heart beat.
When she confirmed that it wasn't reading on the screen she quickly told me to roll to my left hand side.
She was busy moving the external heart rate monitor around on my belly.
When she couldn't find it, she calmly but firmly told me to go to my right hand side. 
Still no reading.
At that point she ordered me to my hands and knees.
And soon after that we heard the glorious sound of a loud heart beat.
I never thought I would be so relieved to hear that sound.
I also, never knew that I could be so agile and move so quickly being as largely pregnant as I was.
This commotion brought in a hoard of nurses, and they decided to put in an internal heart rate monitor, stat.

The discussion immediately came up that maybe I shouldn't get an epidural if I would have to be moving around to get in "ideal positions" for baby to have a consistent heart beat.
And this was the first time I started bawling.
With the emotions of losing the heart beat and the intense pain of the frequent contractions, I couldn't think straight.
My nurse assured me that she could get me into any position necessary if I did get the epidural.
And so, I did.

When the anesthesiologist got there, my contractions were close. 
Like 30 seconds apart, close.
They wanted me "hold still,"
Told me to "lean forward,"
and push back against a giant needle about to go into your back.
All of which is impossible in the state in which I am in.
This was BY FAR the worst and most painful part of labor, and these were the instructions I was given.
I told myself, that the pain would be over shortly after I did this.
And so, I did.

But, it didn't feel right.
There was tingling.
The questions she was asking me about location of tingling were hard to answer seeing as though the only thing I felt was the sensation of my stomach being ripped open.

The pain started getting better.
And I was able to relax for about an hour.
And then, I felt more pain.
The epidural didn't work completely.

My doctor called to see how I was progressing.
My nurse let him know that I was dilated to 6 cm.
He decided that he would head home for a bit, and then check back in.

I didn't have a catheter, and after all of the water they had pumped into me, 
my nurse said she needed to drain my bladder and after that I would probably be more dilated.
Sure enough.
Bladder drained = 9 cm.

She called my doctor back and he headed in.
Before I knew it, the room was prepped, 
doctor had arrived and it was time to start pushing.
It all seemed so surreal that it was already time.
I couldn't believe that I was about to meet my second son.

First set of pushes, and a lot of positive comments from the medical professionals.
He was right there.

{6:48 p.m.}
Second set, he was born!
Boom, just like that.
He immediately started crying, grabbed my IV, and peed all over. :)
And he was perfect!

Suddenly, all of the pain was gone, and nothing else mattered.
Beckam Stille {st─ôl} Johnson had arrived.
7 lbs 14 oz and 19.5 inches long.

Big brother Brody came by to meet Beckam. 
He was SO excited.
And immediately in love.

Beckam was born into a whole lot of lovin'.

We are so happy to have this little bundle in our lives.
He has made our family complete.



  1. Beautifully written! Love reading birth stories :)

  2. Supping by from Casey's blog. Loved reading your birth story! You new bundle is so precious! Congrats on the newest addition to your family!

  3. So enjoyed reading this. What a beautiful experience! That's a lucky little boy to be welcomed with so much love.

  4. Well, if you can't get a birth story for Bennett Zane, you might as well go back and reread the one for Beckam Stille......


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