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It's safe to say that my blogging has been a little... SLOW.
I'm still working on Beckam's birth story, and he is over 4 months old.
Regardless of how behind I am, I'm still at it.
I love to have a place to share pictures and stories of my little family.

On that note, I'm sharing our trip to Yellowstone that we took a few weeks ago. :)

We borrowed my in-laws motor home, aka the mo-ho.
Our first stop was Bear World. 
To say that Brody was excited, would certainly be an understatement. 

We decided to take the curator tour around the loop since they provided food and let you feed the animals.

Brody kept a good grip on Beckam's hand as we drove.

These bears are loco. They catch bread in their mouths like dogs...

and stand on their rear legs like people.

Brody was the best bear feeder ever.
We had to tell him that if he saw any bears outside of Bear World, 
NOT to feed them.

Not only did Bear World have a lot of animals,
it also had a few fun rides.
This was by far Brody's favorite part.
We rode the same 5 rides over and over and over again.

Next we headed off to Yellowstone.
This was my first time there.
And it is amazingly beautiful.

We roasted a lot of marshmallows.

Learned how to blow out fire correctly.

Saw a lot of wild animals.
{You always know when an animal has been sited because there is suddenly a 
massive line up of cars, and people of all ethnicities hopping out of their cars with their visors, fanny packs and cameras.}

Ate a lot of smores.

Played in a lot of dirt.
{The tractors had to go camping too.}

And spent good quality time with our babies.

Old Faithful.

Ryan was determined to catch a fish.
We tried in multiple areas.
The camp host at our last sight told us that some fellow campers had brought her a large bag of fish from the creek nearby. 
We decided to wake up very early on our last morning to catch our "bag fulls of fish."

Brody threw rocks.

Beckam and I watched.

We posed in the glorious morning light...

and posed some more, and caught ZERO fish.

Right after the above pictures were taken, we headed back to camp.
This area had a nice creek, was full of berries and had a lot of greenery...
aka, perfect for bears!
Ryan had told be the night before, that the first thing we should do if we see a bear is start filming.
Not exactly sure why... perhaps to film a bear attack and throw it on youtube to go viral.
No clue.
It sounded fun and all until I actually saw a bear!
It was about 20 feet away, which felt like 2.
Ryan was in front of me walking along the trail.
I calmly told him that he needed to walk a little bit faster. 
He wanted to turn around and start filming,
but apparently my very firm "protect my family before they get devoured by a bear" voice prevailed.
We survived. Obviously.
Looking back, I'm pretty sure that black bear wanted nothing to do with us. 

That was a fun little last adventure on our trip, and then it was time to head out...

Our travel accommodations.

One selfie - looking very campified.

If you haven't been to Yellowstone, 
you should.
And if you see a wild bear, remember to start filming.



  1. #1 i'm so jealous we didn't go with. so so jealous.
    #2 that pic of brody and ryan is perfection. a framer for sure!
    #3 the next time we take family pics in buckwheat let's do it at 6 am to catch that perfect morning light.

  2. Great pictures!

    My husband suffers a similar lack of luck with fishing in these "honey holes" that people find. My dad came to visit recently and caught twenty or so sockeye salmon in the river near our house, and my husband can't catch a darn one. lol


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