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{beckam ~ three months}

Three months old!
How the heck did that happen!?

You are the sweetest little babe a mommy could ask for.
Your huge open mouth smiles and new found giggles are so contagious.
Those big blue eyes and long brown eyelashes are almost too much for me to handle.

Lately you have been a little bit obsessed with your hand... in your mouth.
Literally, you try to stick your entire fist in your mouth, 
it is really impressive.

You think my crazy dancing and singing are hilarious.
But really, let's get real, who wouldn't? 
Mama's got moves!

That excited high pitched squeal of yours is adorable... for now.
I hope when you are 13 you aren't still doing it.
But if you are, I'll still love you to pieces.

You are so laid back, and really just go with the flow.

Your fierce arm and leg kicks are pretty wild.
Sometimes I feel like you are an older child trapped in a little baby body.
I mean it sounds like you are even saying real words sometimes with all of your jabbering.
Your daddy and I like to think that you full of very sarcastic remarks,
and translate what we think you are trying to say.
If our translating is correct, you're pretty funny.

There are a couple of things that you could work on, however...
First, your drooling. I mean, seriously, you are the biggest drool monster I know.
It's getting slightly out of control.
Second, self mutilation. It's not becoming.
When I go to pick you up out of your crib and see teeny tiny scratches all over your forehead caused by the fingernails that I cut 21 hours before... it's gotta stop.

You are one LOVED little boy.
Your big brother is pretty obsessed with you. 
I think you are starting to love him too, because now when he comes close, instead of shuddering, you actually smile!

It just so happens that you are the best at falling asleep.
THE. Best.
But, seriously... what's a mommy gotta do to get a full night of sleep around here?!
More dancing? More funny faces?
You name it, it's yours.

Some of your loves: baths, milk, and bosoms, 

A few of your dislikes: tummy time and being held like a baby.

Nicknames: buddy, honey, pumpkin, Mr. Baby, little guy, little fella & nice little baby {created by Brody}, sugar, sugar pie, muffin, bear, monkey bum, bobble head, love bug...

Love you precious boy!
Can't wait to see what new things you learn this next month.


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