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{beckam - four months}

Baby Beckam. 
How is it you are already four months old!? 

 Your little personality is really starting to shine. 
 You are SO happy and smiley. 
 And squealy! 
Your bright eyes make my heart melt. 
And those lashes... oi.

 Your pacifier skills are really shining bright. 
 You can pull it out to "talk" and then stick it right back in. 

 You are still a rock star at nap/bed time. 
 You also have a new preferred style of sleeping. 
 It involves a blanket over your face. 
 The first time I saw this on your baby monitor, I freaked out, ran in there, and ripped it off your face.
 Then as I watched you proceed to pull your swaddle blanket back over your head, I realized you loved it. 
 You look like a mummy baby, and it's weird, but I still love you. 

 I'm willing to put bets on the fact that you are going to be a hairy man. 
 I have nothing to base this on, except for the fact that your eyebrows are big and dark. 
 They look like mine when I was in high school... thank goodness for laser hair removal. 
 It just so happens that these eyebrows of yours are quite cute on you. 

 Recently you have become a professional toy connoisseur. 
You, like your brother, are a big fan of tractors. 
 You enjoy them mostly in your mouth. 
 Another big fav is Sophie the giraffe. 
 I'm pretty sure you try to shove her entire body in your mouth on a daily basis. 
 You also have some decent convo's with her when you aren't biting her leg off. 

 Instead of being terrified when Brody comes close, you now want him to come and play with you. 
I catch you staring at him, just waiting for him to give you eye contact so you can let out a big squeal of delight. 
It's a good thing he's equally in love with you. 
He showers you in toys to play with and informs someone when you need your "night night." 
He's got your back. 

 Likes: boobs, baths, Brody, your feet, peekaboo. 

 Dislikes: riding in your carseat when you're not tired. 

 I am so in love with you little man. 
 And those chunky thighs... I want to eat them. 

 Love you, snuggle bug. 
 Can't wait to see what you accomplish this next month.



  1. He's so cute!!! Henry loves putting his blanket over his face to sleep too. Last night, he did it while we were eating and every time I pulled it off his face, he would stir and pull it back over. Message received. I guess if they can put it on their faces, they can pull it off if it becomes a problem? That's what I am telling myself anyway.


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